That Makes Me Think

Mind stuff that makes me think to live a more peaceful, balanced, stress-free and meaningful life.

Trying to think not to think is thinking in itself. It is this mind stuff that makes me think to live a more peaceful, balanced, stress-free and meaningful life. It's not that the mind stuff always has to be negative, I recon most of the time, under normal circumstances, our mind stuff is positive because as human we keep on assessing stuff and try to figure out why it is such and why not the other way as we perceive it to be.

Although we all have a mind, the uniqueness is that no two minds think the same. Individually, the meaning of life is different for different person because the different facets of life are distinctly different from person to person. This distinctly different mind stuff with different thought pattern has facilitated all these remarkable all round developments in the different facets of life. The flip side is also true; it has also brought in some inherent complexities in life again for different inherent reasons.

Being Solo - A Challenge Or Self Dates

Some people love to be alone for them it's self dates while for some, being solo is a real challenge. I personally belong to the latter category. Solitude kills me if I don't have any engagement, but I also don't enjoy being in crowd.

Apprehension Living In Me Or Me Living In Apprehension

Apprehension living in me or me living in apprehension is something that I think we all need to think about. The flip side of apprehension or fear is learning to be independent, successful, freedom and a soothing taste provided it comes with aspirations

365 Blank Pages Book To Write Right

Blessed be life, the year has finally come to an end and hopefully not as disastrous as most of us thought of. Once again, time to go down the memory lane and think of all the good, bad and ugly that happened throughout the year last.

Something (Nothing):

The word "Nothing" is very common among all of us. But did you ever think "What's inside that "Nothing"? I believe Nothingness is nothing. There has to be something. In common parlance, something is something that cannot be shared or expressed.


Changes the most inconsistent thing is constant in life. Irony isn't it? I believe that changes should always be seen with progress. It is the technological changes that took mankind to moon and not bullock cart.

Life From "No Way!" To "Why Not?"

Nobody is immune to hard times. Sometimes in life, you will find that life itself has become very unfair and hard to cope and you cannot escape it. No way! You have to fight it out. Sometimes life is amazing and wonderful, and at times it's very stressful. It's like a roller coaster ride. You cannot expect to raise high throughout your life. Time will come for sure when you will find that everything is not moving in the right direction as you have expected.