Thought Envelopes

... Of Mine & Yours
Enveloping Mind Thoughts - Of Mine & Yours

T hought envelope that I live in, made open virtually addressed to all readers. A continuantion of practice for sharing thoughts and feelings. I thought it might help us think out of the envelope in life by sharing of thoughts envelopes - of mine and yours and hence develop a symbiotic relationship.

Individually, it's you whose mind thoughts weave into words to create different meaning as you think, feel or perceive based on your distinct individual insight precisely to suit your feelings and make a meaning for you. These random mind thoughts that you weave in your mind manifest your individuality. But the irony is that we hardly chase new word, a new insight and become 'Someone' rather prefer to be 'Everyone'. Often we tend to forget that the very essence of life is life itself and that it's very dynamics demands typesetting of your alphabets to weave new words, a new thought and value.

The Insensibility Of The Sensible:

We people have come a long way to be called our self the 'Sensible Lot'. But, Are we? It's a question that needs to be asked. In the race of life, most of the people are busy making others insignificant and belittle them. This has a become a normal phenomenon because doing such makes them feel "Over The Top".

Heart Centered:

"Is my life into my head or my heart?" Recollecting some of my past incidents, I started to feel that and believe that I'm a "Heart Centered" person.

Strainer In Ears:

Ears that work like a strainer keep the good words and filter the unnecessary. I believe rarely there are people who do really listen to or use ears like a strainer.

Let The 'E' go:

Ego a simple three letter word but has taken the world to task. For me ego is like believing yourself to be something that you are actually not.

In Return Of My Existence:

Do I have the intention of returning back? If yes, then there's lot that can be done silently in the personal front. The key is to find the approach that suits us in our individual limitations.

The Perception Of Reality Is 'Reality'

Although perception and reality have distinctly very different meanings, the former is a mental aspect while the later refers to something that actually exists. Having said that, it can also not be denied that perception at one point does become reality.