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In Context With My Thoughts, Feelings & Interpretation

Mind contents that I live with in context with thoughts, made open virtually addressed to all readers. A continuantion of practice for sharing thoughts and feelings. I thought it might help us by sharing of mind contents in contents with thoughts of mine and yours and hence develop a symbiotic relationship.

Individually, it's you whose mind contents - everything in context with thoughts that you weave in your mind manifest your individuality as you think, feel or perceive based on your distinct individual insight precisely to suit your feelings and make a meaning for you. But the irony is that we hardly chase new word, a new insight and become 'Someone' rather prefer to be 'Everyone'. Often we tend to forget that the very essence of life is life itself and that it's very dynamics demands typesetting of your alphabets to weave new words, a new thought and value.

Places Of Worship - Do We Really Need?

The answer lies in air. Though air is around us, we do need a fan to feel the cold. Similarly, a person like me with different mindset engaged with daily core activities needs a specific place to feel divine.

Questioning The Unquestionable

It is my personal feeling that not everything on earth is questionable; but, how to make people understand that. We human, at time, come to a stage where we even dare to question the unquestionable.

Perception - The Mould Of Mind

Perception is something that a person perceives and drives the mind to think and act in that particular way. Individually, it our perception that differentiates us and make us distinct from each other. Although, it is our eyes that shows the reality, but we individually perceive reality differently.

Member Lost (Not Life, Neither Memories)

It is said that time is a great healer. Yes it is a great healer; it heals the wound but not the mark (memories). I'm saying this because with the untimely demise a member of the family, the other member of the family should shoulder the responsibility and see to it that life is carried on the way it should be - in a normal way.

Distressed Street Children:

During these pandemic periods when we all are concerned of our health and well being, street children who normally have strong bonding with the streets are hard to be seen or found. Just because we don't see them anymore doesn't mean that we have eradicated their hardship. They must be either under foot over bridge or fly over or under hume pipe culvert grabbing stomach out of hunger.

The Stumbling Jabs In India:

Where the vaccination should have been done in war footage, it is now stumbling every now and then. The Govt. must have realized that what has to be done in time has to be done timely and there is no alternative to it. But no, the lack of farsightedness of the authorities has brought all of us to these dire straits.

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