Mind Contents

Everything In Context With Thoughts
In Context With My Thoughts, Feelings & Interpretation

Mind contents that I live with in context with thoughts, made open virtually addressed to all readers. A continuantion of practice for sharing thoughts and feelings. I thought it might help us by sharing of mind contents in contents with thoughts of mine and yours and hence develop a symbiotic relationship.

Individually, it's you whose mind contents - everything in context with thoughts that you weave in your mind manifest your individuality as you think, feel or perceive based on your distinct individual insight precisely to suit your feelings and make a meaning for you. But the irony is that we hardly chase new word, a new insight and become 'Someone' rather prefer to be 'Everyone'. Often we tend to forget that the very essence of life is life itself and that it's very dynamics demands typesetting of your alphabets to weave new words, a new thought and value.

Starting From Scratch - All Over Again

Life sucks when all our efforts fail and we are back to zero. This may be either by mistake committed or when we start to do something new for good starting from scratch. And under both the condition, we need to have the gut to face the hard days ahead or face the failure and have tenacity to try hard over and over again and cover come it.

"Who To Decide What Is What" -
(Necessity or Luxury)

This question comes to my mind every time I find that the price of products shy rocketing. I find it very annoying when I see someone else deciding for me 'What is what' - necessity or luxury. Am I to decide what is necessity for you? and what is luxury? Why can't we have products and its taxes segregation based on its price range?

"Meaning" - Not Same For All

The meaning of 'Meaning' is not same for all. It is not necessary that my definition of things will be same as yours and it's really very difficult to articulate it in way that will be applicable to all. But having said this, I also hope that some meaning of 'Meaning' stand same for all only then we all can have a decent life with some level of understanding.

The 'On' Switch - Smile

It's something that we all love to do 'Smile' but hardly search for or even think about it. When smiling cost us nothing, why not smile even at strangers? I think it's a gesture that needs to be spreaded in this hectic scheduled life of ours. It can help us to rejuvenate mentally and enhance positivity if not permanently, at least momentarily.

Delighting The 'Simple'

Do I really need to elaborate more? I think the title says it all. But even after knowing everything, we people tend to be more inclined towards the complicated rather than delighting the simple. Yes, we are and that is the irony that we ignore to delight the 'Simple'.

A Subjective Idea 'Happiness'

Sometimes I find people and friends who seem to be dissatisfied with their life. It seems like they are in search of a purpose for a meaningful existence. I think they are just focussed on what they don't have and not on what's in their disposal. This makes them feel that their life has become meaningless.

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