365 Blank Pages Book

To Write Right

Blessed be life, the year has finally come to an end and hopefully not as disastrous as most of us thought of. Once again, time to go down the memory lane and think of all the good, bad and ugly that happened throughout the year last.

I'm not sure whether to be hopeful or nervous for the next 365 days. But because I'm alive and walking in the uncertain road of life not knowing what the future has in its kitty, but; expecting only optimism and hoping that a lot of 'cleansing' is especially in order.

I'm in the first page of a 365 pages book; I thank my past year that enabled me to reach here today. Without the stairs of the past, I could not have arrived at the future. At the threshold of a new year, I just hope to keep on making new mistakes only to prove myself that I'm learning new things, pushing myself, doing stuff that I've never done before, and precisely that I'm doing something. Also I'm happy that I'm getting another 365 pages book to write it right and hopefully can triumph even when I fall.

Very often, many of us tell each other don't worry, your new year will be better. But how many of us believe that it will really be. We all know that nothing is going to change automatically in the next year just because it's New Year, unless we dream, intend to change and struggle to change. Year changes easily but people don't.

In this busy scheduled life, time goes in no time and we keep on waiting for the right time to come. Making lame excuses, we wait for the New Year to come to make a resolution only to be broken in a matter of few days or may be hours. But those who want changes don't wait for the time to change. They change at that moment when they believe that it's time to change and it does reflect in their attitude. It definitely does.

But yes, New Year definitely means time to write down new hopes, new aspirations and optimism.

Okay, now it's your turn. What is your planning? How will you better yourself? And where do you plan to end up? It's a brand new year and you'll have 365 pages book to pen down stuff. It should be full of whatever that makes you delighted and stand tall and strong with head held high.

Finally, all I can do is pray and hope that in the next 365 days we all can sweep away the mistakes and misfortunes of the past. And personally, I simply hope that I can be happy with myself and also hope that my heart and mind do focus in the same direction for more peaceful, balanced, stress-free and meaningful life.

For all of us,

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