I'm Nobody,
"Just Value Humanity"

Our constant quest for personal significance manifests in variety of ways. Being prepared to go to any extent to convince our self or friends circle and acquaintances and the rest of the world that we really matter and that our life is worthy has become a basic nature of humans. We all aspire to be somebody in life and none wants to be nobody. But the irony is that if any of us ceased to exist tomorrow, little would change beyond the subjective emotional states of the people in our immediate circles. Earth would continue its orbit, and the laws of physics would remain intact.

Even than we find that most people are frustrated in their quest for significance as very few are able to fulfil their aspirations. Say for instance getting admission into an elite institution. Even in the professional life after years of struggle sometimes we find our self stuck in career track where success becomes a distant dream.

There are selected few who becomes really successful in life and becomes the members of the winners' circle, who wants to maintain their hard-earned privileges by keeping others out as long as they can and to this they go to the extent possible. Also there are few successful who remain humble and down to earth in their approach and are very helpful to others.

The fight of being somebody does not end here, it sometimes tunes into racisms and exploitation becomes a common feature. The more the people battle to become somebody in life, the stiffer becomes the competition as all desire or are taught or may be compelled to become somebody in life. We are made to believe that this is the end of the world, that the word impossible doesn't exist. We forget that there is something in this life that is more important - humanity, humbleness.

Yes, we all should aspire to excel in life and it's quite natural and it should be natural in the sense that we should try and excel and have that thing that makes us happy in true sense. We need to understand that accept that in this one life that we have money is not everything. It's just a mean to satisfy our demand which doesn't have any limit. The more we get the more we need.

There are some who even after being so successful in life are so humble and claim to be nobody. Why? Simply because they are down to earth. Even after their death, they remain aspirations for millions. After reaching their destiny, they look back and think how reached his destiny that was so rocky and remembers those who helped him. But these type of people are hard to find or very less in numbers.

In the present day scenario, a person being very wealthy and after reaching destiny becomes greedier and digs further with no humanity and because of them others suffer and cannot fulfil their aspirations. If both co-existed, life would have been more joyful.

I strongly believe that world is full of good and humble people and that's why we live optimistically and aspire to be somebody. And after reaching our destiny, we should think that

I'm Nobody, Just Value Humanity.
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