A Subjective Idea 'Happiness'

Other Than Materialistics Things

When I say being happy, the first question that comes to my mind is what makes us happy? If feeling happy is being content and satisfied, the crave for materialistics things is never ending for us. This makes to conclude that the very idea of happiness is individually and distinctly subjective.

Sometimes I find people and friends who seem to be dissatisfied with their life. It seems like they are in search of a purpose for a meaningful existence. I think they are just focussed on what they don't have and not on what's in their disposal. This makes them feel that their life has become meaningless. I really doubt if they had asked themselves questions relevant to their lives so as to change their views and perspectives on the purpose of life. Also chances are there that most of them who complained about life's meaninglessness would find it difficult to explain if they were asked what perception they took for them to mean that.

You see life doesn't have to be unique to be meaningful. Life itself is dynamic. This ever changing dynamic nature of life keeps us on the go and we keep walking or moving ahead, meeting new people, having new experiences and coming up with new ideas. With times, our priorities also changes and we endeavour to fulfil our new priorities. This eventually makes us habituated to measure the value of life with just one yard stick 'Materialistic Achievements' in life, what we have and what we could not achieve. This eventually takes us to a stage where we fail to recognize the very purpose of our lives which unfortunately should not be so. We have become too busy solving the never ending complexities of life and in the process forgot that in life we also have some less complex approach for recognising the very purpose of life and make it more meaningful. It's just the approach of ours towards life that really makes the difference.

Individually every person's mindset is distinct from each other with distinct view points based on basic human nature, educational background, societal influence, etc. But no matter how different we are individually, at the end of the day what matters most is our inner contentment with what we do, the sense of satisfaction for the stuff that we do. Of course, the goals and achievements of life does have significance but not to that extent that we forget about our self-contentment. To me life is stuffs that makes me happy, thing that I can do justifying my conscience and that makes me happy and content.

I strongly believe that life matters only if we live with persistence. Ultimately, if happiness is the thing we all want, what’s more important than knowing that hapiness is very unstatic. Things that once made us happy in the past may not create the same feeling in us today or the day after. This proves that hapiness derived from materialistic things is purely temporary. The thing is that you have everything you need to be happy right now if you learn to be happy with what you have and realise that even less can be more.

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