A Whole Lot Less?


t's amazing to see how we change in life as we mature. Little things that earlier used to amaze us, still do; but a whole lot less. Remember, how we all searched for lame excuses to be with friends at night (sleepover) or at least spend more than the allotted time. Also our sense of humour, how we all used to search for humour in small things; all theses, if not gone, has for sure become a whole lot less. Small stuffs that meant a lot earlier now have become meaningless. The question is why it's a whole lot less now?

I reckon, most people have actually become a bit more mechanical in life than required. Our thoughts got stuck into one thing ‘Job' (The bread earning work that we do). Why is it so? Can't we think beyond that? Of course we can; many people do and those who does have a less anxious life. Most of us are living life, but a whole lot less. I fail to understand why people can't understand that simple thing. I believe the day we learn to take small break every day, life would be different, refreshed and lot more energized. But no, the thought got stuck into one aspect and most of us are moving recklessly in one direction ignoring all other facets of life. The aspect of fatigue management is either ignored or totally forgotten in life.

One major reason for this I suppose is our less physical social circle (not a digital one). Our friend circle has become very less. Most of the time we remain busy with our colleagues and off the work with the same group of people as such the topic of discussion doesn't change as the perspective don't change. During the off work time (before reaching back home) we either need to have the company of different friends (other than colleague) or make broader the friend circle (irrespective of their age group and financial status). This will definitely fetch different topic for general discussion, a different perspective and of course not to forget the different sense of humour. Trust me, it works. But you can do this only if you want to and also if your ego doesn't stand as an obstruction.

I personally do the same. I try to mix up with all type of people of different age group, with different profile and refresh myself, of course, without losing my values of life. For me it's mind refreshment time. I find it pretty interesting to see how different people see the same thing differently.

This gives a different perspective and also helps to analyse what you perceive. Back home mind refreshed with new humour and the day becomes -

No more a whole lot less?
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