"There's Nothing, Live This Life"

It's a very good question that needs to be thought about.

I have never thought about the idea of reincarnation. I was rather not interested at all. Not necessarily that I don't believe in life and death. I know what mortality is all about. But the concept of cyclical life is not my cup of tea. What I believe is that I came from nothing and will go back to nothing when I die. But this does mean that I don't appreciate and honour the life that I am gifted with. Rather it boosts me morally to do good in life. I try to live this life AS IF it's the only one I have got. In between this nothingness all that remains is is the experience of life. The important thing is how we experience it.

My only concept is that when I die I take nothing tangible from this world. But optimistically, what about the intangible things? The little knowledge that I have, the love and affection of friends and family members. My ultimate assets of life. Can anybody take this away from me? "NO!". Then how come some stupid fellows say that depression has over shaded them and the very human existence is utterly futile.

Pessimist people commits suicide thinking it as a permanent solution to temporary problems creating more problems for the rest of the family members. Lazy and selfish people think we work, and we die, all for nothing. Some people also think that life is pointless because no will remember us forever and eventually earth will cease to exist. All these thoughts makes no sence.

I feel escapist may have many reasons for not doing something good but not a single noble reason for doing something good. They are just lazy bones. Need everything readymade in life.

Life is uncertain. The more it seems to be comprehensible the more complex it becomes. So why the hell should I bother about after life. But this uncertainity of life creates new possibilities. I simply believe that if I am born human with a rational mind than I am obliged to think rationally and do the least I can if not something great. The point of existence for everybody is different because every single individual has a different definition of life. Most people try and find a way to create their own reason for existence. Some use religion to find it, than some social work, etc. I try to search my point of existence feeling my personal experiences.

I strongly feel that there are many people who are struggling hard for very survival. Many differently able children are trying hard to learn to read and write and succeed in life. Is this not an inspiration for life? For me it is. Why should I complain when I have nothing as such. I have personally seen a parent taking care of their paralysed child for many years. For them may be that was their only motive for living. And they were doing it happily accepting their destiny. Then one day, the child left for heavenly abode and the father a few weeks after the child. What would you call this?

I believe there are many things we need to learn from life and there is something called destiny. If we accept life as it comes and do our best life becomes meaningful. It's all in the mind. A glass may be half full or half empty. It's how I see it. You need to have or create a purpose in life, an intention to give your best in your role as a parent, partner or teacher, or a desire to feel a certain way every day. By intention I mean accomplishing something that has an affirmative effect on others, giving or sharing something that has a strong touching outcome on yourself and others, or working to change a societal structure that might not be accomplished in lifetime. Living "on purpose" means you live intentionally. You can look at your life and feel "good."

For me, I love my work. It gives me clarity, drive, and happiness to all aspects of my life. If your work is meaningful, you'll be more likely to stick to it and the result more likely will be successful in the long run.

Is The Essence Of Life.
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