Anxiety - The Sandwiched Life

Anxiety - The Sandwiched Life

In between, the two slice of life and death, filled with stuffing 'Anxiety'.

The fright of tomorrow that none had seen is killing us all, ruining our today. Life has become such that we just need something to think about persistently and ruin our present moment. Reason unknown, but it's happening and to such extent that may be the very essence of life has been redefined. I call it a sandwiched life. In between, the two slice of life and death, filled with stuffing anxiety.

I don't want to get into the scientific bits and pieces, I strongly feel and also accept that in life we often get into anxiety and also try to fight it out. Rarely is found people escaping it the "Flight response".

Now, in this Covid-19 pandemic period; when I'm writing this article living in anxiety - the anxiety of getting infected by the virus, it so happened that, one afternoon while I was in the market, abruptly, the shops started to shut down, people got into flight response fleeing for life. Somehow controlling my anxiety, I tried to enquire the reason and came to know that a virus infected person escaped from quarantine. Then I realised the intensity of anxiety that we people are living in these days. Nobody is even bothering know if it is true or not. The priority is to first save life, the rest comes next.

And it's natural, isn't it? Is there anybody on earth who does not have anxiety? I believe we all live in some kind of apprehension. It's just the intensity that differs and becomes the defining factor. I wonder if there's someone on earth who doesn't have anxiety in life. I believe that anxiety and life are like two sides of the same coin. It's indispensible, but at the same time, it can also be avoided to a great extent if we learn to calm down and think twice.

Sometimes, I feel like we choose our anxiety. See the priority of anxiety has changed. Now it's Covid first and the rest comes next. Had Covid-19 not struck us, anxiety would have been different for different people. This shows that we can change but we choose not to.

You and I as human are not accustomed to questioning our self. It's all about the self "I". I'm thinking the right way, doing the right thing. And the same is the case with you. Also, the basic mistake of not being content with what we have , our never ending aspirations, sometimes the impossible and the anxiety to guide or control our future is something that prove fatal sometimes individually and at times even globally.

I simply don't understand, "Why can't we realise a simple fact that everything not for everybody." If we can accept this fact, life will be simpler and anxiety free to great extent. I'm not discouraging you from pursuing your goal or aspiration or trying to diminish your confidence and potential. All I'm trying to ask is that "Do we check the feasibility?" I have accepted the fact that everything is not made for me. I don't have high end mobile, watch or other superlative luxuries even than I'm happy and content. How? Well, my demand is less and it's very feasible. I don't think about anything that's not in my control. Simple, isn't it? Why call for unwanted anxiety when life is full of related unavoidable anxieties.

I don't replay stressful scene in my mind or think about some worst-case-scenario. Once decided I walk my thought without any procrastination and don't repent or re-think. I learnt to de-clutter my home and bread earning job. And never worry about money expended or lost. All these made my life less stressful.

I just don't like feeling sick for no reason.

My Life Sandwich Is Filled With Different Stuffings.
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