Apprehension Living In Me
Or Me Living In Apprehension

Apprehension living in me or me living in apprehension is something that I think we all need to think about. The flip side of apprehension or fear is learning to be independent, successful, freedom and a soothing taste provided it comes with aspirations.

Apprehension or fear is a psychological factor something that we all have but don't want to think or talk about. It might relate to anything that we are not ready to face or accept. But the fact of the matter is that today or tomorrow we have to face it. So it is always better for us to get mentally prepared for it.

But the inherent question is, "Why such apprehensions?" and "How do we get over our apprehension?" Anxiety is often a healthy emotion and a normal phenomenon. But, if a person regularly feels anxiety at disproportionate levels, it might be a medical disorder. Under normal circumstances, I think there is no best way to tackle apprehension other than to face it with confidence.

Life itself is unpredictable and is a continuous process where the journey of learning never really stops, and apprehension is an inherent part of it. The flip side is that whenever I thought that I figured out the stuff, I come to realise that it only had just begun. But it is also true that the devil is not as black as it is painted. Apprehension is something that we create in our mind and we need to understand that there is always a way out. We just have to chalk it out. Find out what scares you. Why does it scare you and how. Pay minute attention and above all don't shy out.

I personally felt that just when I tackled my apprehension or anxiety, I began to feel more confident and less afraid of being at the edge. It's a taste that soothes mind and soul. A taste that remains for days, give courage and energy to fight out new fear. I'm saying this because as a commerce student I was always apprehensive of Accountancy Papers. But then I realised that I can't escape it. So the next best option left with me was to befriend with the Accountancy Papers. My apprehension remained with me thought my college days and this made me practice more accountancy practical which definitely helped me.

I'm using the word "New" because I believe that if I'm living life, it's quite obvious that a new challenge or hurdle will come with some new apprehensions and I will have to face it. Else life will be dull. Success or failure should not be the deciding factor. What matters most for me is that I'm facing it.

Fear suppresses the liveliness of life. Remember during our schooling days we had the fear of examination, then the apprehension of result, then the fear of a good career and so on and so forth. But along with all these fear or apprehension we all had a great time. Our parents along with their personal individual fear also feared our academic results and career. But they hardly showed us.

Every new fear brings with it an inherent stuff to be done and progress in life. The fear of unknown deserves to be known and has to be known. This is the only out to progress in life.

Individually, the perimeter of apprehension may be different at individual level but once we break free from the things we fear the most, the whole new world will open up for us. So technically, there is no way we can escape or avoid apprehension. Neither somebody else can help us out. We all fight our own battle at individual level. So it always better not to think much this will help to have as little apprehension as possible.

I, as father of two kids fear their future and individually fear to drive a big car because I drive a small car. No honestly I own a small car and confidently drive it. But I aspire to buy a big car but fear whether I will be able to drive a big car with same confidence. I'm writing this because I know that factor "Fear" is always blown out of proportion. All we need to have is the zeal to do something good and face its inherent apprehension.

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