"Back To Square One"

It seems everything except time has come to a halt. Every single person on earth with knowledge and expertise are trying to figure out anything and everything they can at their level to fight against this novel corona virus and ease human life at least nominally if not to substantially. And may be because of this; that this world is still standing strong.

The international community is working together like never before to produce a vaccine for corona virus. But can we human afford the minimum time required? Can the world afford to wait? Many questions are arising in our minds. People in general have become helpless.

Until the COVID-19 it was a common general perception that we human being have achieved every possible thing on earth but abruptly with the spread of COVID -19 pandemic and its spiralling out of control ripping countries once again has made us realise that its nature that is omnipotent and we humans are insignificant in front of the mother nature. Mother Nature knows how to heal itself and the process of its healing have taken the shape of lockdown. We humans had to accept it although not gracefully because right now "We can do nothing" "Can we?".We are left with no alternative. "Do we have any?" The sense of helplessness has brought us back to square one. Now all discriminations have been levelled. Rich or poor whoever it is has somewhat become equal. All locked in their respective places, suffering in every sense with varied degree of intensity. The agony and pain of people cannot be expressed in words. The daily wagers or the poorer sections of the society are the worst hit.

This COVID-19 has left us nowhere, to safe our self:

  • Migrant Workers Sprayed With Chemicals to disinfect.
  • The rising death toll has strained on hospitals, funeral homes, grave yard getting short.
  • People found 'dead and abandoned'
  • COVID-19 has redrawn the world's map red reflecting countries affected with its figures constantly increasing except very few states.
  • The corona virus pandemic has brought hunger to millions of people around the world. People lining up waiting for hours at times up to 6-8 hours for one meal a day.
  • The quarantine centres getting full with infected peoples and their endless problems and sufferings.
  • The world might go into the verge of hunger crisis with millions of people facing acute hunger.
  • Disruption of agricultural production and supply routes left millions to worry how they will get enough to eat and the concerns of the farmers need no explanations.
  • Daily wagers are expected to survive without money and to that lining up twice a day for bread and fried vegetables to keep hunger at bay.
  • The videos and pictures of migrating people migrating to home, looking like the largest mass migration post independence in India
  • Logistical problems in planting, harvesting and transporting food will leave under developed and developing countries exposed in the coming months. The system of food distribution will take its toll.
  • Hunger and food shortages will lead to social discord.
  • Stray dogs and man seen sharing milk spilt on a road says everything.
  • Crises can also send societies down darker paths

The humanity of some people have is so low that terrorism and anti social activities are still active even at this juncture. Some people are helping other either out of fear that they don't help others to survive even they won't survive. It can be called a forced humanity or selfish humanity.

There is also a brighter side of the society. Amidst all these the "Corona Warriors" with no selfish interest are trying desperately whatever they can to help people sustain the dark phase of life. People are anxiously waiting for some concrete information that can be trusted. This COVID-19 virus made us realise that we humans are so interconnected and share the same concern for personal well-being and the health of another.

Now one question arise "Are we going to change our basic nature?" "Are we going to be a "HUMAN" again in true sense?" "Will our civic sense guide us in future?"

Yes, it is accepted that we are humans and because we are human being we have a selfish nature. But it?s time to realise that personal prosperity at the cost of anything has brought us to this level. The only road to recovery is

It is also true that we will bounce back. We will and that's for sure.

The question is
"Surviving The Time"
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