Before You Cross It Off

Throughout our life we have been thinking or should I say dreaming of doing many things in life. Sometime, something gets stuck into our mind while some just fades away with time. Thing that gets stuck into your mind deserves to be tried before you cross it off. At least you can console yourself that you have tried and who knows may be you become successful or be content that you have tried and achieved something.

I strongly believe that everybody on earth has something positive within. All we need to do is to try before you cross it off. This can be a good way to ensure that your life is richer and more fulfilling. You may not know yourself to be creative, but there’s something deep inside you that needs to be dug out. All you need to do is to go back down the memory lane and try to assess your strength and weakness, comments you heard from others, how and why you failed in something and how come you scored high in something. There has to be something within that makes you different. It may be anything – just anything and that anything will be something of your strength and capability.

But having said that, one thing that must be kept in mind is that you need to ask yourself "Do you have the tenacity?" I’m saying simply because of the simple reason that initially you will be creating junks, lots and lots of junks before you discover yourself. Those initial days are crucial and need to have tenacity to continue creating junks and at the same time keep motivating yourself or else you are sure to fail. But once you start to create something new, you will find that you are gradually improving simply because you will be comparing yourself with your last work. And then finally, when you get the courage to share your work in public domain, please do share it with social media. This will fetch you both criticism and appreciation. Accept both whole heartedly and constantly strive to improve.

Always remember the saying, "No Guts No Glory"

"Before You Cross It Off" stands valid even in my case. I used to take private tuitions for commerce students. One fine day, it came to my mind that I need to have a tutorial website so that whatever I explain to my students in private tuition, I can write down the same in my website and also help other aspirants globally. My idea was clear and noble; I just wanted to help aspirants who want to learn Accountancy. But my hurdle was web development. Believe me, I had no idea how websites are made. I approached a developer or two, talked with them about my idea, but their tantrums were unacceptable to me. So I decided to develop a website by myself. I started to learn web development knowledge from scratch, every single bit was new to me and even now, I know nothing when compared with others. But still I’m content with what I have learnt and developed and even this blog that I’m writing now. I also receive my share of appreciations and criticism. But I’m persistent with my work.

Try Before You Cross It Off
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