Being Solo

A challenge Or Self-Dates

Some people love to be alone for them it's self dates while for some, being solo is a real challenge. I personally belong to the latter category. Solitude kills me if I don't have any engagement, but I also don't enjoy being in crowd. I know that we need to spend quality time with our self, and being alone helps us build good relationship with our self. It helps us to know our self better provided we have a free thinking mind and know how to self introspect else it will make you feel lonely; longing for company.

But having said that, it is also true that even in the crowd or being at home with family you may be alone if your mind in somewhere else focussing on some other things. That's a different state of being solo.

It is the mind stuff that makes you think what you think. A person with big social circle can actually be lonely and disconnected if his mind is stuffed with something else.

In today's world where we are digitally connected 24/7, being solo is really hard. For this we need to take a break from television, social media, cell phone and other gadgets to be with our own thoughts and just be. But, it is better said than done.

Now, the question is why am I writing all these? I'm writing a blog trying to connect with all you readers at the same time saying you to be solo. Actually, it so happened that one day I was alone at night, had nothing to do, so at night I sat down alone in the porch, in darkness and was really enjoying the solitude that night. To my surprise, I found that my mind started to wander free and started pondering about random stuffs that came to my mind, I cannot really explain them precisely. The next morning, while sipping my black tea, I was saying myself it was an amazing experience. I realised that even our mind needs to break free. I asked myself a question, Am I making my mind to think about stuff that I want to think? And I think the answer is "Yes". Actually I realised that my mind is bound by the world around. It's not free in true sense of the term. I wonder if it's true for others or not.

That day I learnt that self-reflection is a good thing indeed and needs to be done once in a while and also realised that even our mind needs to be free, let it think abstract thought, free to wander anywhere, go down the memory lane and cherish or repent the memories. Let the mind think about anything and observe how far it goes. Self introspection or self date, whatever you call it, but I'm sure you'll find it very helpful and interesting.

I learnt to love my company and solitude, got observant and also learnt to soak in my surroundings. I started to -

Love Being Alone But NOT FEEL LONELY.
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