Can Happiness Be Searched For?

The Far-Fetched & Illusionary

How many of us do really understand the core value of happiness? Can happiness be searched for? In quest for happiness, mankind has done what not, possibly everything. The fact is that since birth, the meaning of our happiness keeps changing with age and with changes in our priorities. Gradually as we mature in life, the meaning of happiness gets a bit serious and this makes us a bit more concerned and at times may be desperate.

Sometimes I ask myself, Am I happy with what I'm? This is because sometimes I tend to get confused looking at the world around me. Happiness is far-fetched for many of us. Simply because we don't understand the core value of happiness or should I say we don't try to.

Normally what people do is that they run after what they don't have. With this I mean the tangible things, anything and everything. And this turns out to be sole reason for being unhappy most of the time under normal circumstances. The sense of contentment that the whole lot of people don't have makes them unhappy. No don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating laziness or saying not to work hard. Everybody should work hard and do so in their individual limitation. Life should always be a productive one. But there is a flipside of it. And that is the sense of contentment with the achievement and realizing that there is always a scope for improvement.

I think I'm happy because I'm content with what I have. I'm using the word ‘think' because even I can't say for sure if I'm happy or not. This takes me to another question.

Is happiness an illusion? I think yes because it's all in the mind. If you are happy with yourself, you'll be happy most of the time under normal circumstances. A very simple example is that a hungry stomach needs something to feed. And the sense of contentment that we feel after eating gives us a sense of happiness. Isn't it? Roaming around the world or spending every single penny will not fetch happiness. It's really far-fetched and illusionary because you never know how it looks and even if you happen to find happiness, probably you won't be able to recognise it. I'm saying this because generally we tend to search happiness in tangible things.

Also, the ego of ours, the sense of me, mine and myself. The factor 'Only me' is also another prime reason for being unhappy. Of course this may make you happy temporarily for the time being or for some times or may be for few years or so. But eventually at one point of time you'll be unhappy. Your indiscriminate run after money 24x7 will make you rich, very rich; will fetch you all luxuries but at the cost of family and kids. Your kids will have everything handy but will not realise the inner meaning of life, will hardly understand how hard it is to earn money, might also have a different definition of happiness. Your kids will listen to your words and will not uphold your expectation. You might be rich individually but you find that your other family members are not as rich as you are but they are leading a very normal life and are very happy and content. You might be in a state where you will find that you are unable to express your feeling, your ‘only me' attitude might isolate you at the end of the day.

I'm saying this because I strongly feel that money cannot buy happiness. No matter how much we earn, at the end of the day we should also enjoy our earnings whole heartedly with all our near and dear ones. Whatever we do should give us the "Joy' of doing. Individually we all are different with different definition of happiness. But no matter how differently we define happiness, the core value remains the same, the sense of "Contentment' and "Peace of Mind'. Of course the degree differs from person to person depending on the stature.

Basically I feel that the basic nature of unhappy souls make them what they are. Why? and How? This is because they want to hit the target, reach goal every day. They tend to forget that every day is not same and cannot be so. They don't realise that all tangibles accumulated will be left behind after death. All that will remain is the knowledge, love, affection and joy that you have shared and received from others - your near and dear ones.

Personally, for me happiness is where peace of mind is. As simple as that. I fail to understand why the unhappy souls don't understand this. How can an unpeaceful mind be happy? There may be many reasons for not being at peace. But one should not forget that there is a flipside also that can be looked at if a person wants to, that flipside may have one reason to be at peace and that on reason is worth million.

If happiness is illusionary, then I can say that happiness can be searched for. I'm happy because I'm at peace and when not that is purely temporary as I know how to work it out. I try not to hurt others, try to avoid controversies, avoid those that are not my concern, try to bring joy to other either by helping them physically, financially without any expectations in return or with my words. My demands for tangibles are less and I'm content with what I have and what I'm.

And The Search For Far-Fetched Happiness Continues