Consistently The Most Inconsistent

Changes the most inconsistent thing is constant in life. Irony isn't it? I believe that changes should always be seen with progress. It is the technological changes that took mankind to moon and not bullock cart.

Change, whether foreseen or unforeseen is sure to hit us. The unforeseen hits us hard for we cannot be not prepared for it but we should not crumble down rather changes should make us stronger.

But, what about the foreseen ones? Many of us prefer to live in a myth that things don't change. They have their own pedagogical way of life and routine. Is it their resistance or their inability to pace up with change? I have seen people saying "My cell phone is at home" Its mobile man. It is so called as it has mobility. They are not comfortable with changes. We need to understand that everything changes and that is how life is.

Something that is very hard to change is the mindset of the people. Their resistance to changes change the whole scenario. Agreed, that technological change has made life more convenient; but at the same time made us more non-social. But that is our fault; technological change and development cannot be blamed for that.

Again it's "Changes". In general, human values have changed and this time for bad. We have forgotten what life is all about. We can go to Moon, but don't have time to meet a neighbour or take trouble to make out some time to be with our kids. Digitally we all are connected 24X7 but at the same time, physically, as human beings we have never been so less connected. We have lost touch or should I say the very essence of humanity. We have lost touch with our very purpose of being human.

We have lost sight of the things that should matter the most. The race of development is now costing us, everything; that money cannot buy. The best example is pollution. See where we all have landed. Again it's "Changes" and this time it is not for bad but for worst. And again it's our fault. We didn't bother or to find way out to cope with changes and development.

Changes cannot be blamed for nothing. It's our ignorance, our carelessness. The onus is on us either individually or as a whole. Whatever you call it. With ever transient mind, I believe thought comes and goes and life goes on. Everything changes - good or bad, and we are just a mere spectator Whether we like it not, accept it or not change affects us all and we each deal with change differently. This only constant in life, and is sure to happen. Sometimes change brings new hopes and at times distress. I believe this is the flavour of life. We need to taste everything sweet, sour and bitter to understand the very essence of life.

It's very normal to have changes in life and as such we need to embrace changes.

"Changes! It's is how life is."
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