India's Covid-19 Second Wave -
A Man-Made Humanitarian Crises?

When it comes to Covid-19 second wave, it would not be wrong to say that the Govt. not failed to contain it but committed a crime against humanity. Why was Covid-19 restrictions completely eased by the Govt.? Perhaps it was because election was prioritised and not to forget the permission to allow the week long Kumbh Mela. Leaders campaigning with face masked. Was it not because of Covid-19?

The Covid-19 rage in UK and Europe just a few months back was forgotten so easily. How UK and Europe was torn apart because of their denial or over confidence? Once again it is proved in India and is threatening to do just the same. But as saying goes, a strong man doesn't admit failure.

It was not the national interest, but political interest that was motivating and driving the leaders of the Indian Govt. How could they not realise that the voters who vote will be dying like anything. But no, it was the hunger for power that was on the top of their priority list. So election was prioritised than Covid-19 second wave.

Has democracy in India become a curse for humanity? Everything can stop but election. Last time it was the great migration because with just 4 hour notice national lockdown was announced, this time everything is cut loose with shattering health service with no or very little basic medical facilities especially in the rural areas where the virus is making a firm grip. The self boasting of Govt. is manifested with the flowing human dead bodies in Ganges that the world is watching. What a way to reflect the greatness to the outside world. And not to miss out the blame game audio visuals of different news channel.

Now, when many countries including US, UK, Kuwait, France and Canada have banned flights from India, due to mounting COVId-19 cases and the presence of "double mutant" virus variant in the country, India's reputation is taking a battering in internationally. The Central Govt. has miserably failed to contain the virus in the macro level and the state govt. in the micro level.

The question that needs to be asked is, "Was the Ministry not advised about the Covid-19 second wave or was the advice ignored?" Whatever the answer may be, it is again the common man and once again it is the faceless of the economy that are paying the price of the utter failure of the Govt. machinery resulting in an undeserving death of general innocent people just for being a normal common mass. To make the condition all the more worse, the hoarding and black marketing of the traders are playing a role.

It can also not be denied that it is the public who attended Kumbh Mela or Election Rallies. They could have been more rational by not attending such gatherings in such times of crises. But again the fact of the matter cannot be denied that in election rallies, public gatherings are artificially created by pooling people from different areas either forcefully or by luring poor people with petty amount.

In a country like India, where the definition of literacy is just being able to read and write name, a good chunk of its population is considered illiterate, who are less or un-capable to comprehend for themselves the grave consequences of getting infected with Covid-19. In this context, how can we expect them understand medical journals; the people in general cannot be blamed for assuming that we are back to normal. For the people in general, the govt. knows the best. As such the onus of responsibility falls on the ruling govt. Mr. Prime Minister could have averted the Covid-19 crises and save the nation from grave humanitarian crises, but unfortunately it did not happen. The crises were blowing when the officials were busy amplifying that a Covid-19 crisis is in control.

The Covid-19 second wave could not have been prevented, but yes it could have been substantially contained if the warnings were heard. And now, it is shifting of responsibilities, in the sense; it is the respective state to decide, when and how to implement lockdown. The best part of democracy I suppose.

Pandemic Warnings Fell Into Deaf Ears
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