Delighting The 'Simple'

Do I really need to elaborate more? I think the title says it all. But even after knowing everything, we people tend to be more inclined towards the complicated rather than delighting the simple. Yes, we are and that is the irony that we ignore to delight the 'Simple'. The word 'Simple' is very simple. Simple isn't it. Everything is simple unless we complicate it by ourself. When a simple explanation is more easily comprehensible to all, then why complicate stuffs?

When we are really hungry, everything taste good or great. Otherwise, all our fussiness comes to play. Simple isn't it. The first cup of tea or coffee in the morning tastes the best when compared with all that we drink in the rest of the day. Why? Simple, in the early morning we crave for that first cup. When we are really thirsty, simple plain water only does quench our thirst, nothing else. What is the primary purpose of a watch? To show time I suppose. A simple watch shows the same time like a costly complicated one. Also, with regard to dress, what really matter is simply comfort. The question is why am I saying all these? Simply because now I have understood and have learnt to believe that my necessity is simple. It's not that I'm pretending or trying to cast that I'm different and special. No absolutely not. Even I'm a human being and like many others, also had many wishes and aspirations 'the unrealistic' ones. In the hunt for more, I have lost many simple delightful moments of life that I now repent for losing.

Now that I have learnt to be more rational, Life for me has become simply 'Simple'. Now, I'm really not interested in stuffs that I'm not bothered with personally. These days, thinking of complications, my head starts to reel. I just don't think too much. Nothing makes me over think. Why take stress when the solution is simple. I believe that complication is problem but simplicity is solution. I can give you a simple example. Even now, when most of the people have smart TV at home, I'm quite content with my old CRT TV. It's not that I can't afford to buy, but simply because I don't the need or you say that I don't believe in competing with others. Also, I see guys riding motor bikes with astronomical price tag. I acknowledge that I can't afford it. I'm not that rich and to console myself, my justification is that it's just a two wheeler with no spare tyre for emergency such as a tyre burst or roof for scorching heat or abrupt rainfall. So why waste so much of money. The fact of the matter is that everything is not meant for everybody. It's true, whether you like it nor not. But you have to accept it, the earlier you accept it, the better it is for you. I'm saying this because taking irrational decisions at times also leads to complications, a self created one. Why burn myself thinking about something that I cannot afford. I'm happy being myself.

You must have seen parents disowning their siblings for doing all the wrong deeds. Did you ever think how come they do that? How could they take such a tough decision in life? I suppose simply because, they think that have other siblings to look after and take care of and also many other priorities of life that deserves more attention. What I'm trying to say is that there is point getting sick thinking much about a losing concern. It's always wise to be happy delighting the 'Simple'. Simple thought process of ours and simple stuffs in life are all the more delightful.

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