Denial -
"A Conscious State Of Mind"

We are in denial when we refuse to accept some truth that is happening in our life. Yes the state of denial does exist and the fact is that many of us live in on a regular basis consciously or sub-consciously because we have no other alternative. It is a state of mind that temporarily suits us as it gives time to adjust. You are in denial if you believe that admitting something is more painful than the negative consequences of suppressing it.

We are said to be in denial when:

  1. We don't accept a particularly difficult situation
  2. We try not to face the reality of the situation
  3. We don't give due importance to the possible consequences of an issue

People tend to be in denial under different circumstances. Say for instance drug addicts or an alcoholic will remain to be denial when they find themselves nowhere and under deep bad situation from where there is no coming back. Or a person suffering from terminal disease might also be in denial for financial problems being unable to opt for better treatment. Again we sometimes find mothers in denial for their childrens bad deeds because they are blind folded with motherly affection.

Professionally sometimes we find colleagues in denial of their inefficiency. They do it very smartly by escaping situations where they can feel awkward because of inability to do a task. Again, sometimes situation comes when we are not in the situation to spend money but we do it in denial to avoid being ashamed of. Such denial really harms.

Sometimes denial can be helpful say for instance coming out of a trauma or denying some tantrums for the time being.

The fact of the matter is that denial is a conscious approach. It is impossible to make anyone aware of their denial unless they want to see the truth. Also there is nothing called reality. We all see things through our own frame of reference.

Having said all these, finally it can be concluded that there is an irreversible fact about denial; it does not work in the long term. Ultimately reality always wins and when it does, the process of blame game starts. So where there's denial, blame is always available to ease the pain when reality bites.

Understanding And Managing Denial Helps
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