Depression -
"Trapped In The Dark"

No matter how much successful you are in life, if you are suffering from anxiety and depression; you will definitely feel trapped in the dark and will often struggle with your self-esteem, and confidence. Even though this mental illness tries its best to control you, you should refuse to get stigmatized by it. Around the globe, lot have been done to curb anxiety and depression but it is not even nearly enough.

Depression is an emotional and mental health disorder often characterised by irresistible feeling of hopelessness, loneliness, fear, and taking little or no pleasure in things that once gave a person joy in the past. It comes with some thoughts or some sorrow that does not heal over time, some pain that is not letting a person smile, or some emotions that stuck and confuses a person's mind. It significantly affects person's daily life.

Clinically depression is different in the sense that normally when we lose our dear ones, we normally can overcome the grief of loss within few days and learn to live our life. But a person who is suffering from this disorder will continue for longer period and interfering with his day to day life.

Depression can affect all human being irrespective of sex, ages, races or socioeconomic class. A depressed person might at one point of time struggle to reconcile the facts of his/her life with the reality of existence, knowing that something is wrong but could do nothing because doesn't know what was that and as such didn't know how to ask for help. They lived in a world where mental illness was equated with weakness, and shame. Depression symptoms can take many forms, and no two people's experiences are exactly same. A person who's suffering from this disorder may not seem sad to others. We need to address and start working to end the mental sickness.

Human emotions have different roles and values. All we need to do is to address to these emotions and talk about it seriously. If dealt properly and in time, these emotions can be healed through proper counselling. A careful observation reveals that children or people suffering from depression tend to have nightmares, behave weird, and have anxious feelings all the time. Their simple daily activities become a challenge. They tend to be shameful and reflect poorly towards friends and family. They share with nobody, and keep secret.

In rare cases we find that a person could realise and accept that he/she is mentally sick. That he/she is suffering from depression. It is we the others who need to observe, understand, accept and realize that one of our friend or family member is suffering from mental illness and needs much more attention than a normal person and also that the sickness the person is suffering from needs care and compassion and can be very well treated clinically.

We need to acknowledge that those suffering from depression have the right to live their life and not that they simply exist. Depression is already having a toll on us and we need do our bit to help them out.

Simply, provide them with wholesome meal, encourage them to take a shower, take walk with them regularly, talk to them more often, play with them, make them play with pets, encourage them for yoga, meditation. Last but not the least and most importantly, a person suffering from depression should be encouraged to talk about it. They should be made assured that they are not alone in this fight. Antidepressant is not the only solution.

DEPRESSION IS NOT FOREVER, parents should be made aware that mental illness is not different from physical illness. We have all the money in the world for everything but for depression. This attitude should be changed. Even government need to prioritize and mental health care, specifically.

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