Distressed Street Children

A Topping Of Crisis On Covid-19

During these pandemic periods when we all are concerned of our health and well being, street children who normally have strong bonding with the streets are hard to be seen or found. Just because we don't see them anymore doesn't mean that we have eradicated their hardship. They must be either under foot over bridge or fly over or under hume pipe culvert grabbing stomach out of hunger. These street children who are normally seen on the roads on normal days is sure to have asthma or lungs problems this is because throughout the day they remain on the street begging or doing odd jobs and inhaling carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles plying on the roads. Just imagine how much prone they are to Covid-19 in context to their health. These street children who know not what family is all about lack parental guidance and do not have systematic care and protection from society as well must be going through empty stomach simply because there are no prospective donors on the streets. Again there are some street children who are caught under the clutches of beggar mafia now contributing nothing.

These large numbers of street children don't have any avenues to survive the pandemic nor have any means to report their distress and neither have access to any mode of communication. This pandemic has hit all of us hard but for them, the street children; it's a topping of crisis on distress. The shelter home and child care centre are hardly in any position to receive new children.

Lockdowns and social distancing have just multiplied the miseries of street children who cannot afford to survive the immobility because their life solely depends on the kindness of street pliers. The street children are either not or hardly addressed of the situation so they must be just following others. Even in this pandemic they must be eating in the same plate and sleep grabbing each other tight. So where's the so called ‘Social Distancing' among them. At times using thrown mask, eyes eagerly waiting for some charity to eat something what so ever, from anybody. There's every possibility that they are asymptomatic and are spreading virus among themselves if not us, because people like us will surely turn them off from good distance.

What I fear is that the worst is yet to come and before it does, we need do something whatever we can at our individual level and not once but repeatedly to help them survive the pandemic. Their fundamental right to live life get vaccinated and basic medical attention needs to be addressed and this calls for comprehensive humanitarian action from all of us - every single individual. I'm sure we all can help them avert this distress if we intend to. I believe if we survive, we'll have life to address our individual needs, enjoy and make money. Now, at this pandemic time, let's cut short our demands and help the distress.

The augmented vulnerability of street children in COVID-19 crisis, is calling for determined and comprehensive efforts to address their distress. We need to realise that because they are there, our odd jobs are taken care off. We Indians are extremely dependent on our maids and others for doing our odd jobs. "Being Babu". Now it's time for us to take care of them. If not now then when? We can be selfish some other time under different circumstances and scenario. But now it's time for us to be humane first and not just human. Report when you see a street child alone. Help them with more than what you used to do earlier. They are going through hell, a situation that we can't even imagine of. I'm sorry if I'm harsh but-

Even A Street Child Needs To Eat.
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