"Submission With Unshakable Faith"

The existence of god is a subject of debate. It is like talking about an object that we have not seen and no matter how hard we try, we will not be able to grasp what it is. Anything which is not in our present level of experience cannot be understood. There are some people who believe there is god and also there are some who do not believe in the existence of god. Culturally we understand that god is the maker. Somehow we are made to believe that there is god. And that is good in the sense that we need to bow before the divinity.

If at all there is God, as we most of us believe in, then why do people pray with selfish heart. I can also understand that because we are human beings there prevails some level of selfishness within us. Once I saw a lady offering prayer with her family. She was searching for her son (around 15 years of age) to give him flowers for offering although there were many other people who were asking for flowers from the pundit. The lady had many flowers in her hands but she distributed it only to her family members and not the outsiders. Ok I can understand motherly instinct and affection.

Looking at her, I was thinking "Is this we call prayer". Every practice has its value only if it is done from the heart. If mechanically, ritualistically done, no activity will have any value. I believe we should have complete faith and trust in divinity. Our attitude is our problem. Our selfish nature, we don't surrender and pretend to know everything on earth. We don't admit saying "I don't know". Expectations have ruined us. We have changed the meaning of God. We go to temple for fulfilling our dreams and aspirations and we pray more to god only in distress.

I am a bit different in the sense that I seldom go to temple to pray to god. Though I think of my Guru daily and take his name. I strongly feel that god is not something to be frightened of. I consider it as one of us but with due respect because there many things that I don't know. But I do know that if I have a thinking mind and think rationally I will have what I am destined for. In my prayer, I never asked for anything. I believe I have everything by the grace of god. I can say so because I am less materialistic, I don't aspire to have everything; especially not at the cost of humanity. When I go to temple, I quietly sit aside, try to feel the air, calm myself and feel charged up. I strongly believe that at one point, we need to totally surrender before Guru or lord. Perhaps divinity is

Submission With Unshakable Faith.
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