Amidst Pandemic
"Searched The Feel Good Factor"

Amidts pandemic, it's of no use constantly being worried of life and economy. I believe in living life and even in this dire atmosphere, I'm somehow tried to figure out some positive aspects in life. Am I alone to suffer? "No" Am I alone to fear death? "No"

I'm not out of this world. Individually I'm also sufferring my bit with the rest of the world. But even than, I believe that it's not the end of the world. There is still something to hope for. So, in search of some optimistic things in life, I figured out all these to cheer me up.

  1. Rat Race No More:

    Life was by default a rat race filled with to-do list. A shuttling picture. Most of the time thoughtlessly. Now abruptly, every thing changed. Now, it's all about the basics of life that earlier had no time for recognition and discussion.

  2. Happiness With Less:

    Suddenly Covid-19 has taught us to be happy with less. Life suddenly has come 'Back To Its Essentials'. Perhaps it's time for us to re-think how many things we did or bought irrationally that was not needed at all. Now less is more.

  3. Inevitability To Prerequisites:

    With the imposition of lock, I think life has become less stressful, no more rushing. This virus has brought us down to our knees and radically transitioned the life from inevitable to prerequisites.

  4. Every day is Sunday:

    There was a time when we used to eagerly wait for Sundays for the much needed break. Now it's Sunday every day. Time for family and kids. Life, closer to one another, closer to God. Freedom of time to rest, relax and reflect.

  5. Small Things Matters:

    Suddenly we started to realize that small things does matter. Sitting together at meals, calling up friends and relatives, reading books, helping elderly neighbours. Small little things that we hardly did for last so many months if not years.

  6. Rescheduling Life For Happiness Classes:

    Before Covid-19 set its foot on earth, I and You did not know that good thoughts is also a factor for healthy life. Now amidst pandemic, it's time for us to realize that happiness classes are a perquisite and need to embrace it.

  7. Pursue Your Interest or Dream Hobby:

    One hobby you always wished you could do but never did? It's time to pursue your dream hobby. Whatever your dream hobby is, embrace it, explore it, and commit to doing it. Of course if that be possible staying at home. May be it's time for blogging ( I'm doing right now), terrace gardening, sharpening your artistic skills, learning to play instruments, or to learn a little more about your car that you have been driving all these years without that much of knowledge about its mechanism.

  8. Being With Kids:

    Something that we hardly had time for. It's time to dedicate them. Make them feel more cared, more important. Playing with kids, telling stories make doll house like I did one for my daughter. Crack jokes at dining table. Make them laugh. I realized that they are more concerned for us than we for them. How eagerly they wait for us to return home. Their words tells us all that. It's the right the right time for us to read the mind of our kids.

  9. Time To Recognise Motherhood:

    You may not want to say it loud but know that motherhood is really hard and is forever no matter how old our child becomes. Making them responsible for their health, nature and every possible thing they do. It�s time for us realize and recognise how our wife survive the 24/7 job called "Mom."

  10. Life In Kitchen:

    In the lock down period it would also be a good idea to try hands in the kitchen. It is ultimately the place where all the good foods are cooked and is full of cherished moments. It is a treasured room in the family. It is the place normally ruled by the 'Master Chef' of the home. Trying some hand in the kitchen will make the family feel good. I did try to make Chapati but it became map of some island (may be). Must say "I'm a worthless cook" can't even make a proper cup of tea. It's time for me to learn some Kitchen Skills

In this period of lockdown, when it's all pessimism in the air in the facets of life, instead of always focusing on negativity, at times some positive thoughts and observations should also be figured out for

The Feel Good Factors Amidst Pandemic
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