Heart Centered


hese days, out of the blue, a strange feeling and question pops up my mind. Frequently, I started to ask myself, "Is my life into my head or my heart?" Recollecting some of my past incidents, I started to feel that and believe that I'm a "Heart Centered" person. Although I use my brain to analyse stuffs, but never in my life, I could take any decision based on brain analysis alone. It is always my heart which is the prime decision maker. My life is partnered with heart and somehow I trust it. And interestingly, I'm quite content with life. I don't know how and why.

It has been quite a long journey till date and I believe all decisions that I have taken in life, is taken from my heart. And it did not matter me what I got in return. All I know that I could justify myself. In the race of life, where winning is the prime focus for everyone, for me its justifying my inner self. As simple as that!

One day it so happened, while I was going for my bread earning job, I saw an aged beggar sitting on the foot path with high fever and pain. I can say that she was having high fever because I touched her forehead and it was like ‘burning'. On inquiring I found that she was hungry for the last two days. I simply called stopped an auto, made her sit into, gave her a 500 rupees note and told the auto driver to take her to govt. civil hospital for treatment. After doing my bit, I realised that I had no money left in my pocket as that was the only note I had with me. My brain was laughing at me, I'm telling this because for a while, I was laughing at myself as my brain was thinking differently. But eventually I settled with my heart and was quite content. The whole incident took just few minutes. My reaction was impulsive.

I don't know why I'm such but I know that there are many people like me "Heart Centered". It's not that I don't use my brain, I do analyse things but I do what my heart permits. And even for people like me, losing does hurt a lot but you know what, we are used to it. Yes, I think we are used to losing. This is because for people like me, the definition of life is a bit different. It's "Inclusive" in a different sense. I'm using ‘Inclusive' because I silently try to help others, ease them without letting them know and again ‘differently' because for helping others, sometime I lose something or other. At times it also goes to the level of sacrifice.

Having said all these, one thing is for sure, person who is heart centered tends to learn more in life, and is a bit more mature. And I personally feel that heart centered people are basically introvert but out spoken. An open book you know. I personally feel so because I speak my heart which many people don't agree to. So I try to skip controversial discussions because I cannot stop expressing my feelings. So I learnt to avoid controversies. I understood that when I could not change myself, how can I expect other to change their nature?

Life "Inclusive"
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