In Return Of My Existence

I'm too small to give something to others. Who am I to do that, a minute living particle whose existence has hardly has any meaning to the outside world? But even then, there's something that I can do in return of my existence. The question that needs to be searched for is "Do I have the intention of returning back?" If yes, then there's lot that can be done silently in the personal front. The key is to find the approach that suits us in our individual limitations.

A smoker can smoke one cigarette stick less and contribute the same money to a cause. It's as simple as that. A private tutor can fit in two poor needy students into one batch of student. That doesn't need any extra effort but yes it requires intent to do that. Every time we don't need to stretch our self or walk some extra miles for a cause. Personally, whenever I get a chance to do my bit, I do all that I can; may be a penny, anything that I can afford to. As a private tutor, I used to squeeze in one or two poor and needy students (those who cannot afford) into my batch. I try to buy vegetables from small vendors to encourage them silently and many other things that I do 'Silently'. I call it 'Silent Sharing'. You know I'm a fool because I can't use mutilated note in the market like others who often cheat me by giving it to me, when I purchase anything. Then I get into a dilemma, the next day I ask some other shopkeeper if it can be used, otherwise; keep it for changing at bank some other day. May be, it's not cheating but denial approach of people who doesn't want to take the trouble of changing the mutilated notes in the bank. Whatever it is, I believe it's my fault because I don't have the habit of checking the return money that I get after making any purchase. So technically can't blame others but myself.

But then why am I writing this? Am I trying to boast myself? No! Not at all also I'm not demeaning anyone who doesn't share. I'm also not talking of donating to fundraiser because most of the times we do 'donate' to avoid humiliation. My question is "Will I be poor if I do my bit, will it cost a lot to me?" Can't I sacrifice one cup of tea or coffee at least weekly if not daily? If this much of sharing kills me than I better die.

The question is of needs. It is the difference between needs and demands that makes the difference. Human needs are always just. It is the demands that are irrational. And that makes us inhumane.

"It's Silent Sharing"
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