Incense Stick
"Gods Image Boost Sales"?

Sometimes I wonder why images of gods and goddesses are found in incense stick packet. Though incense stick is used by all religions but it is never resisted. After using the incense sticks, we throw the packet with the images of gods and goddesses. Many times the incense stick packet gets trampled underfoot.

Images of gods are used on incense packets to boost sales. Some People find it very tough to throw the packets in the dustbin because of the image. They tend to hoard them or leave them in the river bank or at a temple itself. This ultimately increase land and water pollution

Putting images of gods and goddess in incense stick packet as a marketing strategy is incomprehensible for me. I'm going to a shiva temple with a packet of incense stick with image of lord Shiva. After performing the puja, I throw the packet some where within the temple or outside the temple. Even if it goes into the dust bin, I just cant think of it. I don't find a noble reason behind it. We should be sensitive in our approach. As a consumer, "You" and "I" abstain from purchasing those incense sticks the packet of which has image of gods and goddess.

I am a theist but I also understand religion is a way of life. But does it mean that we should stop using our common sense. The deity that we pray using incense stick, the image of same deity is sometimes found in incense stick packet and is being to get trampled underfoot.

It's You and I to be blamed. Because we as consumers use it and create demand to be catered by Companies.

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