Just A Click Away"

Gone are those days when we had to walk distance for a query, meet friends, and buy a thing. Being physically, face to face meant connected and conversation. It was a time when we humans physically acted as database and servers depending on each other's memories for multiplying, amplifying and anchoring things we could imagine by sharing our dreams, our speculations and our curiosities. Even in those dark days of disconnect, life was a good one in a different way. Isn't it?

Now, with virtualization, the whole perception has changed. Why? Because our thoughts, needs and priorities changed with time. Now, it's a different world all together and is reflection can be seen in our thoughts. Ofcourse, it has changed for good and for forever. Our curious mind has become more curious and started to scavenge for more nourishment of our imaginations and network facilitated the much needed. In our different facets of life, internet, or virtual life has become indespensible. Today, it's not the question of invisibility any more because probably everything is made accessible and visible but precisely it's the question of our negligence for anything that has gone wrong.

The internet has taken our expressions and activities to a planetary level making it possible to imagine at a purely local context for anything that anyone creates today anywhere. Virtualization has brought the whole world under one umbrella and decentralised the whole geo-political arrangements. Today no place can be considered more or less the centre of the world than any other anymore. Internet has definitely changed this one fact comprehensively. And this has brought about stiff competition in every sphere. People's outlook also has broadened and taste changed leading increase in demand for and more creation of virtual platforms for our every single need.

Today at this stage, it can be said that we, as human being, are no longer strangers for one another anymore as people don't expect to each other personally or to see or feel it practically. The definition of "Stranger" tself seems to have changed with Blogs wherein we can share our views and thoughts. Today we seem to know almost everything and comprehend all happenings in the world through modem within few minutes. The world has become virtually accessible from anywhere, anytime and we all seem to have become a potential receiver and transmitter of informations where we individually are receiving and transmitting the required potential informations. All these have been possible because of our curious mind always in the quest for more knowledge and technological know how's.

I believe that basically computer was developed to solve our present problems, remember things for us and free us from memories. But gradually, it has brought us to this extent that we started to live in the present. Always live, online and this relentless demand for network all the time has made us forget to live the moment that we are really living. Some basic fundamental of life has changed in such a way that everything has shrunk and gone live. Say for instance postal letters gradually became email and now it's SMS; group discussions became blog and now its tweet or chirp etc. The dimension of internet is hard to be defined precisely because of its continuous evolution. The best relation with network that can be described I suppose can be of mutual exchange between the user (seeker) and the network (giver) of information. But it has to be for the good of the society and the world as a whole. And for this the search engine needs to constantly evolve for future and develop itself, learn to filter or restrict its information based on users. This is to minimise chances of misconduct by we humans.

Again it also needs to be pointed how with the use of electronic media, we gradually forgot to memorise contact numbers, addresses etc. From letters, landline phones and telephone directories we have come down to or should I say embraced mobile, started using email and eventually lost the habit of memorising phone numbers and postal address. Interestingly, we also have a buffer plan for that. Just in case if we lose our mobile we have the option to get it back from goggle drive. How, the capacity of RAM and hard drive gradually increased from megabyte, gigabyte, to tetra byte and what not. All these have happened because our need increased. We also have the option of external hard disk for mobility or extra safety whatever we call it. See how smart we have become, we have learnt to outsource memory.

Network has gradually evolved into a hub of knowledge, contents, and place. Before it was that in case we need a reference of particular topic, we had to go to a library search piles of book to meet the need. But now we just google it and it's there. For a traveller, the rolling map has become GPS.

Access to information and ideas on network has always been important for both personal development and progress of a community or nation but it is or should be made subject to accuracy. In this virtual world, we have come to such a stage where the word "Unkown" practically does not seem to exist. Whatever unknown is found on the web and can be easily known. If it is online it can be accessible either this way or that way. Our incredible brain and quest for more and more has brought to this level or height and is still in the hunt for.

Who Knows"The Level Next"
May Be Just A Click Away.
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