It's Not "Why"
But "What" That Matters

The Reverse Has Become True

The most amazing part of human nature is that we all know what we are, what we need to do. But knowing everything we tend to act just the opposite.

The reverse has tend to become true. It's not about "Why"; but "What" has become more significant. The question "Why" that should narrate our activities, rarely does. Did you ever ask yourself or thought about it?

Sometimes I feel that the driving force behind our activites are based on "What" and not on "Why". Looking at others, we normally tend to get carried away. That's ironically a normal human behaviour. Our activities are rarely need based else it would have been a different story, a different world all together.

All these questions arise because of our never ending irrational thoughts and demands. Life has become fast, fast to that extent that we tend to forget or recognise our mistakes. Here comes the twist. Unknowingly we commit the same mistake repeatedly because we don't have time to think, think twice and ask the question "Why?"

We hanker after something that is not meant for us. I strongly feel that everything is not meant for everybody. I may be wrong. I feel that we need to consider our strength and weakness. We need to know why we are doing something - the reason behind our act and than what we are actually doing. The day we learn to ask our self "Why?" everything will gradually fall in its place because our activities will be rational.

We are not only held responsible for what we do but also for what we do not do.

After years of hard works, when we compare our self with others knowingly or knowingly, it make us feels insignificant. Our achievement stands meagre when compared with others. This makes us feel awkward. This is because of the fact that we never had time or should I say realise that we need to ask our self the question "Why?" rather the question "What" stood more significant.

We also need to understand and realise that life seldom move as expected, and when it doesn't move as expected we get unhappy. Our reaction to life is our key to happiness.

Most humans are running because others are running. To keep up the pace it's just what humans' do guided by the fear of failure. And that's the mistake. May be some are running with precise timing, with proper planning and a justified purpose and goal but most are not. And that ‘most' consists of majority of the people who are just following others, running after nothing. And I am saying this because they have no proper planning, no time management, an irrational goal with no feasibility of achievement and most importantly without the realization of "Why", they are just running after the "What".

Precisely, it's your life with your set of terms. You have to be aware of why you do what you do and what truly motivates you to do it and most importantly it should make you happy else you will end up running after nothing. Just so much of wasted time, pain and frustration because your efforts might not match up with your expectations and accomplishment.

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