"A Better Reason To Laugh"

What a better reason to laugh than laughter itself. It is the only act that we do being totally in it. Sometimes we don't even need a reason to laugh. It is like a joy button of life. It is said that laughter is older than language. Now you must be laughing reading this. It's like that. It's not that in our day to day life, laughter response to anything resembling jokes. Laughter is very unique in the sense that when we laugh, we are totally into it.

Laughter is essentially a social sign of affection and affiliation, or even more than that.

Surprisingly, we spend a larger part of our life laughing but we tend to forget that remember only the darker or sad part of our life which should be. Knowing very well that it's a fantastic stress reliever and has the power to brighten an otherwise miserable day, we don't seem to recognize it.

Children laugh more during childhood and eventually tend to lose sense of humour as they grow up. We don't need to spend a penny to laugh but still most of the time we forget to laugh citing one reason or another.

Life is not as simple as it is spelled. Rather it is very complex. We don't realise that complexity is the essence of life. It is full of ups and downs and that is the very essence of life.

In a very simple term, if I may say that I can differentiate between sweet and bitter because I have tasted both. Similarly, we should accept the different shades of life whole heartedly and should also try find humour in our everyday life. This would help to lead a simple life with fewer complexities.

When laughter encourages positive attitude and social inclusion, I feel like laughing. Also if laughter can reduce my blood pressure, stress and stimulates positive changes into my brain and also relieves pain by releasing guilt, anxiety and tension then why should I not laugh?

Do I need more reasons to laugh my heart out.
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