Learning To Know
How To Know

I believe that in the normal course of my life, I should try to learn whatever I little I can and hone my thoughts and insights on different of facets of life. But the irony is that the more I learn, the more I come to know that I don't know. I believe that this is the essence of life. That, I'm living life and I'm- Learning To Know How To Know.

The world that we live in is unknown to us in many ways and will remain to be so. I believe it's impossible for us to know everything and this is what makes life fascinating. Sometimes I feel like, "I don't know what I don't know that I'm supposed to know". A peculiar feeling that sometime makes me feels like ... what I should say "Wow!" amazing or "uh!" I didn't know that. That very sense of curiosity or amazement what I believe is the essence of life.

I believe that the very reason of our existence is learning and the day I stop that, consider myself being dead. I try to learn something every time I get a scope for it. Anything; but that does not mean that I will keep on running after things to learn more and more. That's insane. Isn't it? Never in my life would I know about the existence of God, or what others are thinking about me. Does that mean that I should stop believing in God? That's weird! And also why should I bother whot's thinking what of me. So long as I'm happy with myself, I'm content.

I believe that we all (normal guys) live for something and that something keeps on changing with the passage of time. And those whose "Something" doesn't change with the passage of time are in search of the 'Meaning of life.' And I really don't know if they find or not. The people who find are one in a million and for me, they are super humans, may be next to god.

You and I are simple human being trapped with changing priorities of life. I don't have the time to know what I don't know. Do you? But yes, I try to learn everything new that I get in the normal course of my life. I believe that every single step that we take in life might lead us to something new if we have the eagerness to learn. When it comes to learning, we are all like toddlers, taking small steps in the process of learning to walk.

Honestly, I fear too much of intelligence, it makes us out of this world with a different perception of life. I'm happy being just a normal guy. I'm saying this because I have a brother who has unmatched intelligence. But his thoughts and insights of facets of life is different from the rest of us. He is truly out of the world.

The fact of the matter is that we learn from our mistakes and as such one persistent question that should always poke our mind is "Am I rectifying my mistakes?" If yes, than I'm learning. I'm

Learning To Know How To Know.
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