Let The 'E' Go

Ego a simple three letter word but has taken the world to task. For me ego is like believing yourself to be something that you are actually not. Here the person is defining itself to the outside world which is not normal. Normally we are described not by our self but by others - the outside world.

Normally, ego is like blaming others, being right always, pretending to know everything, wanting to be superior always, and desire to achieve power and control over others or creating stories to make others believe that the wrong is right. But the context of ego does not end here. For rich people, those who can afford have an ego competition among themselves of buying stuff and those who cannot are also egotistic about their lack of stuff. It's not the shoe that you wear but the logo that says about you.

We people are always seeking chance to boost our egos. A friend of mine kept flocking around with others, superior than him in all aspects, just to make him equitable with the so called superior or affluent lot; which he is actually not. As a result, he lost the productive years of his life yielding nothing. Now he is back to square one. I really pity him. This make me question. Why can't we let the Ego go? Why can't we stop marketing our self for no reasons? Why do people hide behind ego? From business point, marketing a product makes sense. But what's the point in hiding behind the ego? Why can't people just 'Be'?

When the reality is that materialistic thing says nothing about us because the level of our success doesn't dictate our feelings. Failure doesn't define us, neither does rejection. It's just our ego talking that keeps us moving in either directions.

It's a weird balance to strike. But ultimately, it's the feel good factor that makes us feel good. All we have to do is to find a way to create and build from and with joy. When fear becomes a product of ego, chances are that you will do well because the fear of failing to do so is also ego-based; you're worried about what others will think. But then, if your success gets wrapped up with ego, you're sure to taste sour. So try to strike the right balance managing your ego. Don't let your ego overtake your mind and take hasty decision, or compare yourself with others or do something beyond your strength. Realise your strength and just be what you are and do what you feel like doing, which makes you happy of course by maintaining a balance with ego and let time decide for you.

Even when I'm writing this article on letting the E go, I'm unable to let my E go, rather my ego is making me fear how my article will strike. The fright ego is making me search for right words to express myself. I don't if my article will strike the right cord or how much success I will taste for writing this. But again, it's the ego game that motivates me and there's nothing wrong with having desires to an extent.

It's a weird balance to strike
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