Life From
"No Way!" To "Why Not?"

No "Why Me?" Attitude

Nobody is immune to hard times. Sometimes in life, you will find that life itself has become very unfair and hard to cope and you cannot escape it. No way! You have to fight it out. Sometimes life is amazing and wonderful, and at times it's very stressful. It's like a roller coaster ride. You cannot expect to raise high throughout your life. Time will come for sure when you will find that everything is not moving in the right direction as you have expected.

May be you are going through stress right now and I'm not. But I'm not immune to hard times. I also suffered my share before and may be future has stored some more for me. Who knows? Everybody on earth has their individual share of struggle and we all have to struggle it out. That's the only way. Nothing comes easy.

Even I had my share of struggle in life. Life was harsh, ripped me, had to listen yelling of family members, peoples criticism, did odd jobs that I did not deserve to do. Made more mistakes out of desperations, had many sleepless nights. Honestly, sleepless nights had become a routine those days. One night I was thinking what wrong I was doing. Then I realised that I was not using my strength, my asset. The very next day, I changed my thoughts and gradually life came on the track. Now I believe I'm stable. Throughout my dark phase, I never escaped life.

I tried to survive the bad phase but didn't ignore my potential, my strength, Leaned on my family and friends for advice. Didn't hide away; reached out to friend or someone who listened to me. Their words and opinion differed and at times also hurt me. But I didn't take it emotionally, rather used my ears like a strainer, kept the good ones and discarded the unwanted words. Instead of focusing on everything that has gone wrong, started focusing on what has gone right.

There are some serious issues in life that are definitely dealt with seriously and are also prayed for seriously. Praying to God for serious issues makes sense and I have also seen people praying to God for serious reasons.

Whatever, the case may be, I feel that stress to some extent is beneficial as it make us more determined but ‘to some extent only'. Beyond that it's harmful in every sense. So it's always wise to have a buffer plan handy. Isn't it? The "No Way!" feeling will definitely not help. I believe that when life sucks, we need to embrace it, and remember that it's not the end of life. And we can do that only when we keep calm, accept the facts and understand that the standing problem might bring in new opportunity. Denying will not help; rather we should start where you stand at that point of time, waiting for better might not help.

I fail to understand why people try to escape life. Why don't they understand that a day will come when they had to make their identity, feed themselves and family (if they make). It's not that they don't worry, they don't feel the stress. They definitely do but the thing is that they made it a habit. They prefer to worry constantly rather than trying to figure out ways to overcome the stress.

When things are not working the way you wanted it to be, you need to stop trying too hard. Rather it would be wise to detach yourself emotionally so that outcome doesn't affect you mentally. In life we always run after what we wanted. We don't seem to comprehend that it's impossible to have everything the way we want it. Primarily because we all have conflicting wants and needs, and our desires are often let down when they conflict with what others want.

In my life so far, I have seen people struggling their share at different stages of life. I can say this because I have a tendency to observe people silently from distance. I have seen friends struggling in poverty during childhood and now doing well in life, also aged successful people struggling with their kids to make them realise the value of life. Again I have observed people escaping life and now doing way less than what they really deserve, somehow managing to sustain. Even now they are in the same mode, escaping the reality, not ready to accept the reality or any advice.

The definition of stress is different individually. For the unemployed its employment, for some it's their business, again its relationship for others, for parents, it's their kids and so on and so forth. No one will tell or rather can tell you how to handle an event or situation in your life except you. Your determination to succeed should be strong, strong enough to overcome failure.

All I can say is that your mindfulness only will help. Try to laugh out the problem and remember that there are many people suffering more than you. Look at them and rejuvenate yourself to fight stress hard. The "No Way!", "Why Me?" kind of thoughts will be of no help.

Bounce Back With "Why Not?" Attitude
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