Life Is "Now"
The Moment

Life is "NOW"-the moment; neither in past nor in the future. In between the past and the future, life is the moment that we live NOW. Your present activities will impact your future and your past activities are appearing in your life NOW. Who has seen future? Future is in future and you cannot live now Reality is the present moment that you live. Your past is down the memory lane and your future is yet to be realised. Everything that happened in the past cannot be changed. Everything that will happen in the future cannot be fully known.

Living the present moment means living the phenomenon and it requires complete focus and awareness without worrying about future or thinking about the past. Our past and future is our illusionary life which doesn't exist. Did anybody see tomorrow? No, it is just a concept.

Looking at the past and predicting the future is partially possible and may come out to be true but none can guarantee because future is always unpredictable. It is really difficult to live in the present because we keep on constantly taking to our self without paying heed to what others have to say. In other words, to live the present we need to be a good listener. Listen what others have to say, make a rational judgement. No two lives are same and you need to realise that the mistakes of other should be yours. Try to learn from your mistakes and that of others. You can do this only if you have the guts to accept that you might commit a mistake or have committed a mistake and should not be committing the same again. I am saying this because most of us live in abstract either fooling our self consciously or subconsciously fearing to face the reality or are sleeping walking through life. Again if you live in the ego that you know everything and are doing everything right, you are committing a big mistake because your ego has overshadowed your power to think and the day you realise that it might be too late. Sometimes it does happen.

Most of us live in illusion mainly worrying about future or sometimes day dreaming hoping to be something in life and achieve materialistic things. To achieve this, first you need to accept life as it is. You need to live the moments of life in acceptance wisely and earnestly being fully focused and not seeing it in totality. Otherwise I may call it day dreaming because if you don't live the present NOW you are giving up your life and surrendering your power to create. If you want to change your life, you need to start doing it now and gradually the required changes will start to materialise. For instance, if you want to pass your exam with flying colours, you need to study daily and religiously being present in life. Otherwise your dream will always remain to be so.

The best way to live in present is have a thinking mind and believe that you can control your mind. It is always YOU that think. If not, take a deep breath and bring back your mind to present moment. Be mindful. Whatever you do, do it knowingly. Be aware, alert and stay focussed. Don't have blank eyes.

If you are living, Life is NOW - "The Moment"
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