"Meaning" - Not Same For All

Ageneralised statement, that; 'No matter how much you try, a person's nature doesn't change'. It's a bitter truth. I'm using the word generalised because it's hardly found, very rare that a person's basic nature has changed. As such, the word "Meaning" has different meaning for different individual based on one's basic nature which partly comes from genes and the rest is filled by the dwelling environment. So, it's very difficult to articulate meaning for "Meaning" as same for all. I remember my mom once told me "Befriend with everyone but never compromise on your basic nature and never try to change other's nature. If you find your friend's nature different from yours stay away"

It is said that many things get fixed into mind and this is one of them. At time I humorously tell others "If I could not change myself, how can I expect others to change". But it is also true that we need to learn from our mistakes and those who don't are fools or idiots whatever you call it. Here comes the hard fact that 'Meaning' - not same for all. I as a person normally prefer to speak my heart. At times I do use my brain, but most of the time I manifest my heart. I'm comfortable with that. Now this is my problem with the outside world. For others finds my words a bit harsh because I'm bit outspoken. With times I matured and now I prefer not to express my opinion unless solicited for. And When I do, I prefer not to be bias and try to reflect both the positive and negative aspect of the stuff. For me I can't change myself, take me or leave me.

Now, the fact of the matter for writing this article is that I have seen people and also have friends who also did not change with time. Their basic nature is still all the same. A good friend of mine whom I have known for many years has also not or has hardly changed his nature with time even after facing so much of hardship and financial crises. Few years back he was a rich man amassed great amount of wealth, was desperate and hardly cared about anything. But his hunger for more ruined him; his life took a U turn and almost came back to square one. But even after losing some hefty amount, I find like his attitude is still the same or did not change much. My careful observation somehow doesn't convince me that he has changed his nature. But yes I can say that he is definitely tying to change his basic nature and I hope he does so. And he should do so religiously because for him its lesson learnt hard. I'm trying to help him out unconditionally in my limited capacity because I personally feel that we are good friends and there was a time when he also helped me in my stuff and I feel like now he is going through tough times and needs some kind of support. Also I strongly believe that he has got the capacity to bounce back in life. He does have that capacity, provided he just uses his mind rationally. I strongly believe that a person has to have a rational mind to be steady in life. By steady, I don't mean being rich, but having sufficient to live a decent life.

The meaning of 'Meaning' is not same for all. It is not necessary that my definition of things will be same as yours and it's really very difficult to articulate it in way that will be applicable to all. But having said this, I also hope that some meaning of 'Meaning' stand same for all only then we all can have a decent life with some level of understanding.

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