Member Lost -
(Not Life, Neither Memories)

Ireally don't know where to start and how to start, should I write or not. It's very easy to weave some sympathetic words to console others. Few days back I have lost a friend of mine, a charming man who left behind his family for the heavenly abode. I can very well sense the pain and grief that they are feeling but really have no words for consolation. Those who have lost feel the worst. Although I have not lost any of my family members due Covid-19 (by the grace of god) but I can very well feel the pain and sorrows of those who lost their near and dear ones. I extend my prayers for departed souls, and my heartfelt condolences for the bereaved family. I can understand that it's really very tough to accept such untimely demise of our loved once but also we need to understand and accept that there's something which is not in our hands. No matter how much we cry or grieve for the departed soul, it's not going to bring them back any more or breathe a new life into the dead. But yes, we need to cry to ease out the pain as it is said. Death is a hard fact of life that we have to accept it with heavy heart.

We all are going through very tough times, for such humanitarian crises or existential crises humanity was not prepared for, tears rolling down the eyes of humanity for different genuine reasons individually. The loss of kith and kin creates a vacuum that can never be filled. But life has to go on - the very essence of 'Life' itself is 'Life'. We all need to understand this very well. We cannot afford to die with the dead. The burden of carrying the weight (grief) of the loss is though intangible but will have to be shouldered by his or her direct inheritance. The loss is socio-economic in true sense. This is simply because of the fact that once the stomach gets empty, it will start craving for food. The hunger within us changes the priority temporarily. The same is the case with other priorities of life that will eventually take into life into track. For the kids, the untimely demise of their parent is something that nobody can express in words. The vacuum, the sense of emptiness that they feel deep in inside their hearts can never ever be filled. Some learn to live with it while some keep on weeping for the wound. For them life has come to standstill. Those who keep on weeping for the wound need to understand that individually they have a life of their own that needs to be honoured. They need to understand that weeping will not help to live life they can only survive. With all the due respect, I would like to say that just as we cannot ignore hunger, we also cannot ignore our life as well. Life has to go on and it should go on gracefully along with the memories of those who left for heavenly abode.

It is said that time is a great healer. Yes it is a great healer; it heals the wound but not the mark (memories). I'm saying this because with the untimely demise a member of the family, the other member of the family should shoulder the responsibility and see to it that life is carried on the way it should be - in a normal way. Here comes the question of humanity that is rarely seen these days; and may be because of this rare sense of humanity that we have within us, the plight of mankind is such - the way it is now. Except for few noble souls, we humans have become expert on lip service, that's all. We can give advice and mostly unsolicited ones (as I'm giving now) but cannot set an example.

It's all within us, nobody can help but us (individually). Individually, as a person, I cannot approach somebody else (not concerned) to subdue my grief, to cry for me or cry with me. It's you and only your family members who can feel the agony, the grief, the pain of loss. So it's high time to realise and accept that yes it is member lost, not life, neither memories. If poeple can confidently and with brave noble heart accept that no matter how harsh life may be, will stand and shoulder the responsibility, life is sure to bounce back in no time and with a solution.

Time To Be An Example Not An Advisory.
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