Money Matters?
It's All About Rational Spending

It's really hard to earn money in a legal way. It's a race that we all are into and nobody is willing to pay for no justified reason. Some are successful while are not. Some are earning very less to meet one square meal a day, some are earning marginally, and some earning good while some earning huge amount. In worst case scenario, we find people dying out of starvation. "MONEY MATTERS" Boss. But no matter how much we earn, it's our basic nature that plays a decisive role.

Often in life we come across people with different thinking and different approach towards life. Some people spend more irrationally more than required or justified while other by birth penny-pinching. Again, we find another category of people who are very rational and they normally spend after giving a second thought regarding the justification for expenditure. Why is this so?

This is for the simple reason that human nature is different. For some people money in their life comes as an allergy. The moment they get some money in hand, they start spending it irrationally, giving least importance their future needs, requirements or contingencies. It's not that they are bad at heart, just that they don't know the art of spending money and the bad thing is that they don't listen to others and refuse to learn to save. Unnecessary expenditures become their characteristics. In the long run, they become empty handed and resort to debt. This is a kind of humiliation that they face for the simple reason that when they are need of money, they find nobody to help. But the irony is that for them that's momentary; because even then they don't learn from the mistake.

Again we find some people who are really miser. For them money is everything. Under no circumstances will they spend money. And if at all they are compelled to do so, that will be under extreme compulsion or under stiff obligation. Even at that moment of time they will search for some ways and means to avoid that expenditure or spend as much less as possible. For them, their definition of life is totally different from that of others and they don't change themselves under any circumstances. This is again abnormality. They refuse to realize that being human we live in a society and we have some obligations that we need to meet for which we need to spend some money. Although being so wealthy, they prefer to live like a miser and sometimes even die.

Also, we find one category of people who tend to spend more compared to others when in a group. They do it out of basic nature. Say for example, five of us went for a cup of tea; one of them finished having and paid the bill of all five of them. And he does it very regularly. Much more than others in the group. He does it because he cannot wait to see who will be paying. For him/her it's a matter of shame. Now for the rest of the people in the group, he is a very nice person with a great heart. They appreciate him but seldom come out and say wait I will pay the bill. I personally belong to that category. When I am short of money, I refuse to join the party making some excuses because I can't keep waiting for someone else to pay. It's a silent game that I could not learn in life.

There is again one category of people who are very rational in their approach. Who understands the real value and meaning of money? Who knows the art of spending and saving money. They know that the art of making more money in life and also knows very well how to spend rationally. Their conception is very clear in the sense that; in life, money can be accumulated in either ways- by earning more or by spending rationally. We expect them to live very normal life with no financial crunch as such. And they create a legacy by teaching their kids the value of money, make them understand how to spend money. Teach them that learning to spend properly in a justified manner is as important as earning.

Simply, one should realise that money is just a means to satisfy our demand. If we can control our demand in life or start thinking rationally and make a justified demand, the amount of expenditures can be curtailed to great extent. We need to realize that no matter how much we earn, if we don't know how to spend it rationally; it's meaningless. We need to realize that it is really hard to earn money and as such we need to respect it in every sense true to its terms.

Rational Spending
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