Money - With A Mind Of Its Own

Sometimes I feel like, "Money has a mind of its own". It remains in everybody's mind. It creates a separate space into our mind and makes us think simultaneously along with other thoughts.

I may be wrong, but I'm sure that majority of us have in our mind, "Money" - with a mind of its own. Although money can't buy everything, but it can definitely buy almost everything and elevate our level of happiness or should I say peace of mind. As such the aged question "Is money everything?" still remains persistent.

Needless to say that money can buy everything one can think about, just anything tangible and some intangibles also - a mind with no money anxiety disorder, good health, luxuries of life, all tangible superlatives of life, so to say, a secured life. But these are something that cannot always be generalised. I'm using the 'generalised' because under normal circumstances, luxuries and superlatives of life matters. But when it comes to something that money can't buy, the flipside becomes more dominant.

This take me to the other side to say that may be, money is not everything. Money doesn't make us immortal; money can't buy affection of parents, trust of friends, and neither the trust and love of soul mates. But it is also true that it is the circumstance that creates the craving for money. How? Let me explain, imaging you getting lost in a dense forest for a day or two with no mode of communication, at that time you won't be running after money. Your priority will be survival and you will be running after banana tree searching for ripe bananas to satisfy your hunger. The moment your stomach is full, you will start thinking about finding a way out and when you find the road to come out of the forest, your mind will start to think different as the circumstance has now changed.

This makes me to conclude that it's you to decide how you want to live your life. It's your standard of living that plays the decisive role regarding your demand for everything and eventually makes you have in your mind money - with a mind of its own. I personally live with less luxuries of life, either out of compulsion or by choice, whatever you call, but it's infused into my blood. I belong to a middle class family and learnt how to be content in life with what I have.

Having said these, it can also not be denied that we human exist in such a world where we cannot think of living life without money and obviously when we need money to live, we will also have in our mind money - "with a mind of its own". But yes, it's definitely in our control to decide the level of money anxiety. I think the trick lies in our level of contentment. This is simply because we humans need more money just to satisfy our demand for more luxuries of life. I feel the bare necessity of life is less costly when compared to the luxuries. So what we need to do is to define for our self the necessities and luxuries of life which is different individually.

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