Naughty (Or Bad)

My kid is a Gem. Every parent on earth thinks their child is the best child - and that's okay! Perfectly Alright! I believe that kids are just kids. No kids can be or should be labelled 'Bad'. We all make mistakes because we are humans. But having said this, there should be some difference between being naughty (or bad). There must be a fine line of difference.

During my childhood days, I used to be very naughty. To the extent that it would not be wrong to be termed 'Bad'. Why? and How?

Let me be more precise. You see when I was in 5th or 6th Standard, I had a habit of taking money from mummy's purse. 1 or 2 bucks. No! Don't get me wrong. I was not stealing. After taking the money, I used to tell her "Ma I took bucks from your purse". My theory was, 'Why wait for her to come and give' unnecessary waste of time, 'First I'll take the bucks and then inform her'. It's all the same. My Mom used to say 'Ask before taking the money.' She used to believe us (siblings), like every Mom do. Gradually my courage increased and my mistake was, I forgot that she was my Mom. My Mom was aware that her child (myself) was going in the wrong path and was very conscious of what I was doing. And me, with age my courage increased and I, after taking the money from mom's purse, was no longer informing her that I took out few bucks and the amount also increased to 10 bucks. Life was good for me. Happy with 10 bucks in hand.

And then, after few weeks or may be a month, one evening, Mom called me up and asked, Did you ever felt deprived? Are all your legit demand not satisfied? I was like "Confused" for some time. Then I realised that I got caught of my deeds. And as thought, my Mom said, 'Look son, before it was like after taking the money from my purse, you used to inform me, although it was wrong, but even then I didn't mind because you were honest with yourself and to your Mom. But now, you don't inform me after taking 10 bucks.' This is very wrong, it's not that I don't trust you, I do trust you, but your nature is changing for wrong; and this is not acceptable.'

She realised that I was removing that fine line of difference between 'Naughty' and 'Bad'. At that time, being a small kid, I could not comprehend perfectly. But her words clearly penetrated into my mind. It took me a year or so to comprehend her words. I'm saying this because another naughty incident of mine proved that whatever she said did not fall into deaf ears.

There's a fine line of difference between naughty (or bad). One big leap can change the whole scenario.

A Fine Line That Differentiates Naughty (or Bad).