"No Escape
From Memories"

The meaning of life is to have a meaningful life. There is nothing more amazing or unpleasant than memories. There is no Escape from memories. It is our past that helps us to realise who we are as person with a pretty good idea of who we have been in the past and guides to realise what we can be tomorrow. We normally pity when we see an insane person or a lunatic. This is because we can think rationally. But for that person life is totally different from us simply because he/she cannot think or because he/she has lost all his/her memories and has lost the basic connections with life, can feel only the external pain and sufferings. I suppose our thoughts give us the pain and enjoyment that we feel. If we could control our thoughts, life would have been much easier.

Sometimes looking back in life we start thinking and either cherish or repent our memories. This fascinating human ability helps to move forward and life goes on.

Human memories good or bad are those intangible possessions that cannot be discarded easily. Good memories we cherish and the bad ones need to be dealt with carefully to avoid depression. This trick of human life is really hard to comprehend.

The strong human thoughts and memories help us to learn and moves with us in every sphere of life, teaches and guides us in every single step that we take. For a student, understanding a topic and preparing for exam are two different aspects altogether. Understanding a topic helps to educate and prepare for future while learning it thoroughly by heart helps to increase the speed of writing in exam, as normally examination is time bound. When a student forgets a word, it can be adjusted if the topic is properly understood and the writing can be completed in time. I realized that soon after the exam, I tend to forget most of the words that I had learnt by heart earlier preparing for exam. When the exam gets over, the pressure for that paper gets released and many questions and answers that I have learnt by heart for writing in exam flies off. But the understanding of the topic remains with us as memories many years down the line.

The thought that touches our heart and soul remain vivid clear even after passing of many years. And this sometimes becomes blessings for us and shapes our life. But the reverse is also true. The bad memories of life distort everything. Every single thing and in the worst case scenario, often people falls into depression and finally life gets ruined.

Even highly emotional memories are susceptible to distortion and there is no denying the fact that our current emotions and beliefs shape the memories that we create. The force of communication tries to keep memory true to what actually happened, while the force of consistency ensures that the emerging story fits in with the needs of the self, which often involves portraying the ego in the best possible light. Even a simple flower that we draw at the age of 40 years, the idea comes from the memory of flower that we have learnt in our kindergarten days or the flower that we might have seen in our mother's dress. The power of memory is such.

Of all the memories we cherish, those from childhood are possibly the most special, and there also few of us who unfortunately have a very bad childhood memories. Our memories before three or four years of age are treated with disbelief and it's perhaps no surprise that it takes a while for children to start doing it right. Our first memory is special because it represents the point when we started being who we are. Many factors seem to be critical in children's emergence from childhood amnesia, including language and narrative abilities. When we are able to encode our experience in words, it becomes much easier to put it together into a memory.

Memory can sometimes lead us off track, but then it is a machine with many moving parts, and consequently many things that can go twisted. Perhaps even that is the wrong way of looking at it. Memory, even when it is failing, memory is doing exactly the thing it is supposed to do. Sometimes we see a lunatic moving around the whole day and then when night falls goes back to his resting place. How does he remember that? Big question isn't it. Memory is endlessly creative, and at one level it does what it needs to do. I am saying this because even an insane person knows how to attend nature'scall. Memory again isn't it.

Now, that's how I think we should value our thinking - as a means for endlessly rewriting the self and life. As life itself is precious and needs to be self guided towards future from past memories no matter how bad or good it is. We need to learn constantly from our past memories and compete with self to be better. This is because -

Memories Remind Us
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