The Perception Of Reality Is 'Reality'


erception is an extremely individual aspect. It is what we perceive to be real consciously or sub-consciously.

Although perception and reality have distinctly very different meanings, the former is a mental aspect while the later refers to something that actually exists. Having said that, it can also not be denied that perception at one point does become reality. For me our eyes are just lens through which we see, the rest is all mind-stuff that we perceive. This perception of ours, influence us to comprehend and take decision about stuff. If life is a reality, our life is something what we perceive to be. It is our perceptions that either raises or demean us. Reality and perception is a process of synthesis.

Perception also creates disagreement and in turn either creates barriers and or facilitates for further discussion or negotiation for finding a better way out. Here it is to be noted that perception should be based on ground reality and also should not deviate too far else it would be delusion - something unfeasible. This is because; we individually don't exist in a vacuum. The world that we live in is a cluster of societies wherein we individually live life based on certain perception. Individually we all are distinctly different with different mind-stuff, as such there has to be a common consensus in our perception to co-exist in harmony and maintain the very individual, as well as the societal and governmental structures as a whole.

Perception holds a meaning much deeper than we can imagine. It plays a huge role in shaping the way we define and do things within our social and personal life. It is also an extremely important aspect of business. From the business point of view, where the competition is very stiff, product differentiation has become increasingly difficult; production of products and its marketing is based on customer perceptions. For entrepreneurs, it is important to know and understand how consumers perceive their company and their products to be, only then a feasible product planning can be initiated and done.

It's our perception that makes the difference and that is why we have so many brands of one product. Isn't it? If it's not then I would say, "A tooth paste is simply a tooth paste" How does the company matter? It only cleans our teeth. But no, it is our perception that has changed the whole thought process. Because we perceive a product to be good, inferior or bad, one company to be superior and other to inferior. As such the sales figures of different companies differ and competition intensifies and as a result we get better product. See how perception matters in the economy.

Perception definitely plays a dominant role provided our perception is justified and realistic something that facilitates overall growth and development in the different facets of life.

The Reality Is What We 'Perceive'
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