Perception - The Mould Of Mind:

What differentiates us individually
Perception is something that a person perceives and drives the mind to think and act in that particular way. We call 'X' as 'X' because we are made to perceive that it is 'X'. Then came mathematicians who taught us that it can also be used as sign of multiplication (2X2=4). So now we perceive 'X' in two different perspectives. Individually, it our perception that differentiates us and make us distinct from each other. Although, it is our eyes that shows the reality, but we individually perceive reality differently. But then the reality says, "How does it matter to me?" I'm what I'm. I'm the fact, the truth.

Technically, it is because of our different perception that today we are what we are. All the developments for good or for bad that have taken place, is because of our perception. It is essentially because we perceive something in a different way and that intangible perception of 'Something' gets converted and ultimately gets manifested into individual reality. But that does not mean that the purely individual perception of reality has to be 'Real' in true sense. But again, the fact of the matter also cannot be denied that we individuals essentially live in that perception of reality and most of us are happy with that.

Had all realities be known to mankind, the world would not have grown or developed to what it is now. It is only because all realities are not to known to us, our perception comes into play. It is this different individual perception that has immensely contributed to development or refinement of every single product and in making it more true to its term. And yes, it stands true for everything from Safety Pin to Aeroplane.

Again, even in our social circle we tend to befriend with those whose perception of life and other stuff are more or less alike. This essentially means that perception is something that is not built in a day or two. It gradually gets inculcated and nurtured into our mind since our childhood. It is a continuous process and moves along with life. This also makes me come to a perception that it is this perception of ours (people in general) that has segregated us primarily from 'Humanity' to different religion, caste or creed and got us entangled into. It is also this perception of ours that makes us 'Humane' and it is this perception ours that deviates us from humanity. Again, it is also this perception of ours (Consumers) that gets converted into data by companies to essentially formulate their plans and policies for future growth and development of their products in particular and the concern as whole. Sometimes, it is the idea that struck first and then the perception comes into play and at other times, it may also be based on our perception of something or an individual that we foresee a future prospective.

In social context, it is the perception of ours that develops our mind and makes us assume who is what? Now, this perception of ours becomes so rigid that it becomes hard, very hard to change what they perceive. It is primarily our perception based on which we consciously or sub-consciously perceive upon the character or nature of a person and come to a conclusion. If I perceive a person to be good or bad, it is exclusively my prerogative, choice or problem and not others and vice versa. My straight and simple line is "I'm what I'm. Take me or leave me" I can't change myself for some other people. I strongly believe that if I can't change my nature, how can I expect other to change their nature? Perception, when held for a long time becomes nature and that nature cannot be changed until death. Whether you agree or not but it our 'Perception' that we stick to, develops our mind, choose our social circle and not only lead our life but also at times try to convince other that it is right.

Here it is worthy to be noted that in context of decision making, perception is something that essentially demands a thorough scrutiny this is simply because we humans normally dwell in with some common rigid perception which may correct most of the time but not every single time and that the stakes are very high, if the rigid perception goes wrong, the life of the convict made hell.

The context of perception is such that it makes everybody believe that whatever they perceive is true. As such it is always wise to keep in mind that your perception may not be others truth. So, dig deep into others perspective into a matter or a subject and then come to a conclusion.

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