Places Of Worship -
Do We Really Need?


question with infinite answers along with inherent explanation, but whatever the reason or answer may be I personally feel that we really need a place of worship. I'm using the word 'Worship' irrespective of any religion in specific.

The answer lies in air. Though air is around us, we do need a fan to feel the cold. Similarly, a person like me with different mindset engaged with daily core activities needs a specific place to feel divine. I'm not atheist but I presume we need a separate place of worship; a room clean and pure may be with or without any image of god as preferred where we can concentrate with heart and soul and feel the presence of god.

I'm saying these with some level of justification, I don't know if I will be able to convince you all or not. I personally feel that normal people like me need a place of worship because our concentration power is not so strong that we can meditate or feel god anywhere. Had our concentration power be that strong, we all had become saint like, which we are not and neither can be. Our mindset is different. Normally what happens is when people are in dire straits; they bow down before god. People don't bow before god for adoration or surrender. People in general are god fearing normal human being, not god loving. But this doesn't mean that we don't believe in god, we do but we need a place of worship where we can feel god. A saint in true sense is god loving and don't compulsorily need a place of worship. They can just close their eyes and concentrate on god just anywhere, for them place is not a matter. Their power to meditate is that strong.

When I say place of worship, I don't mean constructed building, well decorated. I believe there is no necessity as such. A place of worship may be any place. Just a clean isolated place where you can just be yourself, concentrate your mind pinpoint. Even when we sit in such a place, our concentrate gets diverted from god and dwells in materialistic affairs. See our concentration power, how our mindset is. In this context, how can we not say that we really don't need a place of worship?

I honestly accept that I need a place of worship because my mindset is a materialistic one and dwells in worldly affairs. So much so that even though I have a place of worship at home, sometime I don't have time to sit before the altar or at times don't feel like doing so and interestingly to justify myself, I make lame excuses to myself. Somehow I just don't feel like doing so. Although I adore god and surrender before him also sometime I feel like reading holy books. But now, I'm trying to change my habit and I hope that eventually I'll change but I do need a place of worship or isolation where I can concentrate on god. This is because I'm a family man with needs and demands to meet in time. See again making lame excuse.

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