Something (Nothing)

Questioning The Incomprehensible
Something & Nothing:

The word "Nothing" is very common among all of us. But did you ever think "What's inside that "Nothing"? I believe Nothingness is nothing. There has to be something. In common parlance, something is something that cannot be shared or expressed.

The question is "Something" that exists in "Nothing" can be observed or not. If not, then we are incapable of observing it. But there's something for sure. Even if I close my eyes, I can see darkness, that darkness itself is something. When somebody says "Nothing" there's definitely "Something". It can never be possible that there's nothing, just nothing at all.

Trust, love etc are something that cannot be verified but believed and ‘believe' itself is something an abstract feeling that we all have and it cannot be denied.

Nothingness is simply just an imaginary state or condition. But even in that state of mind, there must be something. It cannot be true that the mind is absolutely blank. Something is there that is not comprehensible by others.

It's something like when someone says "I don't know" a question arise "What you don't know?" The line "I don't know what I don't know that I'm supposed to know" then stand valid.

The subject or the question itself is very tricky and confusing with arbitrary answers. If nothing doesn't exists, then why question something? And if something is there, then what's nothing? My personal feeling is let it be as it is. Why question the incomprehensible. I personally feel that because we are humans, it is not possible for us to know everything else we would have been God. In search for something in nothing, I'm losing the moment. The moment called life. But again in that short life of ours, we should also try to grasp the idea of something in nothing. This is because I feel sometime in life we should be very serious, think deep superlatively. As least, in my search for nothing I might get something that will hone my mind and brain. Help me understand life a bit clearer.

I know we might never be able to explain the concept of something in nothing but in the quest of the incomprehensible, we might learn something new, something more interesting and something that humans didn't realise earlier. Because it is also true that no effort goes in vain. But having said this, the fact also cannot be denied that such question can reel human mind and result in wastage of time and energy. So it is always wise to be wise and not waste time.

You see after so much of writing, it brings you back to the beginning because I'm still trying to explain myself the question of

"Something-Nothing and
I'm nowhere close and might never be."
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