Starting From Scratch - All Over Again

Life sucks when all our efforts fail and we are back to zero. This may be either by mistake committed or when we start to do something new for good starting from scratch. And under both the condition, we need to have the gut to face the hard days ahead or face the failure and have tenacity to try hard over and over again and cover come it.

Being at zero is tough, the moment we realise this, life gets a momentum. The question is how do we realise this? I believe we all need to fight out the fear of failure and also not be ashamed of taking baby steps which I call 'The Balancing Act'.

You see at different stage of life, we all take baby steps when we start something new for the first time. The only difference is that because when we do it for the first time, we are not ashamed to do that for it is the first time. So what makes the difference; Failure? Sadly yes, which should not be? Failure should not be a deciding factor for being at zero. But should rather be a motivating factor for starting from the scratch all over again. Having said this, it is also true that people prefer to be at zero because they can afford to be at zero. By this I refer to the idlers, the glued bums. Their mental setup is very contagious and can easily make others follow their footsteps. For me they are just 'The Glued Bums' and nothing else.

Did you ever realise that when we stumble, we normally look back to find what made us stumble, kick that thing, take a breath, shake our legs, clean our cloths and start all over again. This is our normal reactions and should also be. But then, why can't we follow this is our life also? What stops us from doing that? I think it is just our mental set up. Life is bound to be incredible if we, after getting stumbled, get up take a deep breath and start from scratch all over again.

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