Strainer In Ears

In Random Conversation

We all like chit chatting with friends. It's very normal. Time to relax and have fun, a break from daily core is something that we all crave for, sitting with friend with a cup tea or coffee or some drinks and chit-chat after a hard day's work. Random conversations you know.

The question is how many of us really do listen to or use ears like a strainer during random chit-chat. Ears that work like a strainer keep the good words and filter the unnecessary. I believe rarely there are people who do really listen to or use ears like a strainer.

Until few years back, even I did not have strainer in ears. Then, one day a friend of mine; on just another random conversation, was saying that his grandfather told him to make use of his ears like a strainer. His grandfather did not elaborate what he said. My friend was making fun of his grandfather's words. He did not realise what he was told, but it poked my mind. That night, after returning home back, I was thinking and trying to elaborate what my friend's grandfather told him. I found that it was a good idea to use my ears like a strainer - keeping the good words and discard the unnecessary.

The next day, I found that the last night's thought was in my mind and I started to use my ears like a strainer. Initially, it was hard simply because it's tough to grow good habits. Also the ego factor was playing its dominant role. But I tried hard, fought with myself to break free and then I started to find that it's actually quite useful. I started to learn and know many things that otherwise did not matter to me. Eventually, I found that my outlook is changing. I realised that knowledge is in the air, its upto us how we grab it. Everybody on earth, every single person without any discriminations of any kind, has something to share and teach; the only thing is how we hear. It's not that, after trying to change my habit of hearing with ears like a strainer, I have become extremely knowledgeable; but yes, many things within me has changed and is manifested as my thoughts started to change and the change was for good.

It's a difficult continuous process. I'm stressing the word difficult because it's really tough to inculcate the habit of differently using our ears like a strainer. And if we can inculcate this habit into our siblings, things will definitely change for good. The trick is that we just need to be focused on whatever we do. Even in random conversations with friends and acquaintances we need to simply be focused while hearing. It's just being a good listener. The rest is something that will be taken care of by our mind if we intent to.

It's Just Being A Good Listener
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