"Teacher Or Educator?
A Thin Line Of Differences"

In the present day scenario, does it really matter if a person is a Teacher or an Educator? The cut throat competition has made most of the teachers and students concentrate on only preparing for exams get great marks and come out with flying colours and be alive or just perish. The question if a teacher is an educator is quite confusing. I believe there is a thin line of differentiation between a teacher and an educator. A teacher being appointed by an institution is one who just teaches students topics or subjects as per syllabus and prepares for exams. A teacher works for a salary at the end of the month.

Educator and teacher are two words that are often interchanged wrongly. There is some difference between the two words for that matter. The word "Educator" is used in the sense of '"Mentor". On the other hand, the word "Teacher" is used in the sense of 'Trainer' or 'Preceptor'. In fact, the word 'educator' is used in the special sense of 'mentor'. This is the main difference between the two words.

But an educator is one who sculpts the overall development of a person, who inspires others, who changes the thinking capacity of a person and whose presence can be felt later or throughout life because an educator leaves a lasting memories or sometimes a permanent impression in mind of others.

If a teacher is an important facet in a person's life to have a successful career by facilitating the child's education, an educator observe children carefully, listen to their questions and their stories, discover what interests them and then provide them with opportunities to explore these interests further.

Finally, I personally feel that we don't share the same view points; I can also understand that some frustrations prevail in the system. But it will be impossible to make a choice or should rather say will not be wise because we desperately need both.

Teacher or Educator whatever name we call, if respect is missing from the equation it doesn't really matter.

Think About It.
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