Time Of Trials"

T he pandemic COVID-19 has hit the human civilization very hard and ripped us off. This COVID-19 virus has made us look ultra micro, made a joke of human life.

Every person on earth has the same persisting passionate question on mind, "Do you have something or not?" "How long will it take for you experts to make a vaccine?"

And I'm no different. Many questions are coming up in my mind but have no answers. My patience is stretching its limits. I simply don't know how long you and I can sustain the testing time of trials.

With every single day passing by, life is getting tougher and more complex. The priorities of life are questioning us all. For me, it's a riddle that I believe we all are trapped into, scattering every single thing in search for a solution. This is not business as usual. Neither for me nor for you (the readers) or hundreds of the research groups sweating out round the clock to make the vaccine. I just hope financial returns don't drive any decisions. I'm saying this because I can very well understand that millions of dollars are at stake. But I also trust and believe that we globally have some great minds and intellects that will definitely come up with some great news that our ears are eagerly waiting to hear.

I feel like I have never feared time so much as I do now. Although I understand that it's not an easy task to find a new vaccine and the fact, it has never been done before; it's going to take much longer time, time longer to fright us more. Now, virtually it's a question called "Life". Life itself has become a "?" Question of everything, every single thing that touches human life. I'm also a part of the society and I'm finding it hard keep silent. So I'm weaving my mind into alphabets virtually trying to reflect my thoughts, perception and insights on this facet of life and the world around me.

Amidst the sense of helplessness and apprehensions that I'm living into, I'm trying to find out some simple wisdom for complex life:

  1. That the moments of bad news don't disrupt the few good news that I seldom hear.
  2. I"m trying to console myself that nobody was prepared for something like this, so I should need to rise up to the occasion and suck it up.
  3. That, I have some responsibility to shoulder and as such have to be mindful.

I really don't know whether I'm trying to divert my mind or fooling myself. All I know is that you and I have to survive the testing time of trials and as such have to

Learn To Live On Probability,
"Optimistic Probability".