The Drunkards Cage

Many time we come across drunken man lying on street or pavement sleeping or yelling at passerby and sometime risking his own life. Its common isn't it? These people the so called "Drunkards" are otherwise sober, if I'm not wrong.

The society that we live in, we call it cluster of decent people. This is reference to the boozers. We are normally casual drinkers within the individual limit without disturbing others privacy. And that's ok I believe, with all due respect to the excepted few (those who don't drink and doesn't belong to that category at all).

We all have family and kids and I feel we should not give bad precedents to our kids by being a boozer and those who do should also be treated in such a way that they don't infringe the personal liberty of others. Sometimes it's really annoying to come across or see a boozer yelling out all sorts of obscene words.

I strongly feel if it is possible to have a big cage (where adult people can comfortable fit in, sit or sleep) here and there as required wherein people (in general) could keep these "Drunkards" locked into. Of course the keys to be hanged outside and out of the reach of the drunkard locked inside. And when the intoxication gets over, the person inside can request the passerby (again in general) anybody to unlock him and bring him out of the cage. Then again lock the empty cage and put the key its earmarked place for the next boozer to be put in by anybody and again to be unlocked by some other person. It's like a plastic bank you know, wherein we all throw in our disposable bottles. And most importantly, the cage is to be meant for every yelling boozer irrespective of anything, whoever he is and of course most importantly with due consents of the society especially the women.

No offence please, it's just a personal opinion. Even I enjoy drinking but within a limit. One should only drink up till fun, no fun afterwards. But looking at others the no limit lots, I really feel we need to have drunkards cage to isolate them, keep them safe and who knows may be some of them might feel embarrassed and the guilt feeling might help stop boozing.

Keeping aide all the probable positivity, one thing is assured, this will definitely help the people in general and greatly the boozer in specific, at least he will be assured of a cage rather than risking his life by walking like a pendulum in the busy street or lying on the roadside. Even the family members will be assured that the person might be inside the cage and will return home being sober.

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