The Insensibility Of The Sensible

We people have come a long way to be called our self the 'Sensible Lot'. But, Are we? It's a question that needs to be asked. We seldom respect the feelings and emotions of others. In the race of life, most of the people are busy making others insignificant and belittle them. This has a become a normal phenomenon because doing such makes them feel "Over The Top".

But the question is "Why is this happening?" I believe that we, the so called sensible 'human beings', to get work done, or satisfy our whims and fancies, have become insensible in the sense that we no longer respect the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings of others. And this stands valid for majority of us. I'm using the word 'Us' because at times even I feel that I belong to same category. We don't seem to have time to understand others. Life has become a race, sad but true. And it is none, but us; who is to be blamed for this. Most of the time we compete for no reasons and in the process, we have left behind many things and are now manifesting our insensibilities.

I have observed many people forcing or bullying others to agree to their words. The disagreement remains at heart, hidden inside and this results in back chatting. But who cares? Insensitive people just don't care. Their needs, opinion, and self-esteem are so significant for them that they can't think beyond that. Sometimes their words make you feel insignificant, they don't respect your thoughts and views, try to belittle you and at times their silence speaks volumes.

I have also observed people trying to impress them (the insensible). I don't know what makes them do so. Why don't they understand that the insensible lot are for none but only for themselves. For them nobody matters, may be not even the family. They are the 'Thankless lot'. Their every single move is triggered by their selfish interest.

It is very difficult to change such people as they consider themselves to be superior, their self-image is bigger in their own eyes than what others consider them to be in reality and they don't want to be directed. They detest being told that they lack something. But that doesn't mean we should not confront them. If we keep telling them that they need to rethink, that their behaviour is unacceptable, they might introspect and make some efforts to learn being sensitive. Again, at times it would also be wise to keep distance from such people unless otherwise required.

Everybody is born innocent. But, as we grow up, we lose our innocence and simplicity and eventually many of us, the sensible lot, manifest insensibility knowingly or unknowingly. And that's how the sensible becomes insensible. We need to realise that life is like a roller coaster ride. We cannot expect to rise up throughout our life; time will come when life will start to take a downward trend. This is nature. So it is always wise to be among the sensible lot, and try to maintain judicious a balance, have a rational thinking and not get carried away by anything illogical.

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