The "On" Switch

Smile That Cost Us Nothing

It's something that we all love to do 'Smile' but hardly search for or even think about it. When smiling cost us nothing, why not smile even at strangers? I think it's a gesture that needs to be spreaded in this hectic scheduled life of ours. It can help us to rejuvenate mentally and enhance positivity if not permanently, at least momentarily.

Until few months back, my morning walks was quite lonely. This is because I prefer to take my walk alone. I don't use to smile at the passerby. But then one day, a passerby whom I meet regularly smiled at me, out of courtesy even I smiled at him that came naturally. I don't know his whereabouts, a stranger for me but then it became a daily routine, we cross each other with a smiling face. After few days, I did not see him for three or four days, and then when I saw him again I wished him 'Good morning' and enquired reasons about his absence. In reply he said that he had fever and now he is fine. Then a few more words and we took our way and continued with our daily walk. A few moments later, thought came to my mind, how can I be so concerned about a person who was just a stranger for me until few days back? I think the credit goes to our exchanging of smiles.

The "On" Switch brought me a new person who is no longer a stranger in my life. Here I must confess that otherwise an introvert like me who normally doesn't carry a smiling face realised that it's actually not bad to carry a smiling face rather it makes new relations which is great as it helps to broaden our social circle. Such is the power of smile that even strangers no longer remain strangers. This makes me wonder why most people don't smile at people they don't know. But care must also be taken that smiling at strangers should not send any wrong signal to an unknown person otherwise you might fall into some kind of trouble.

To conclude it can be said that there is no good reason for not carrying a smiling face even to strangers. Yes, it does take some amount of energy but also keeps you always awake and present at the moment. Also smiling at strangers, is an acknowledgement of humanity, and while doing that you will be promoting promote peace and tranquillity. And believe me that stranger whom you smiled at will definitely think about you at least for a moment or two and under normal circumstances will do no harm. Rather your "On" switch might be of great help at any given point of time because you never know when you would require whom to help you out.

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