"The Part
Of A Faceless"

Inside the shining Shopping Malls and Food Joints where the rich and wealthy people the so called "Visible Faces" of the society spend on luxuries; outside it's a life that has been much same of daily wagers, domestic worker etc. Individually, they are faceless part of the society. I am addressing them as "Faceless" because "We" the affluent face of the society most of the time try not to recognise them. A middle class person like me also a part of the so called visible faces of the society knows very little about poor people lives as we have hardly been into their world. We live in a separate world with a different definition of life. As such the rich got richer and poor mostly stayed poor and the rift widened and continues to remain so.

Without getting deep into the statistics, it can be said that a very small percentage of population controls the wealth of India and they boast almost everything be it health, technology, politics, democracy etc. But what about the other more than majority percentage that still live a deplorable life in rural and urban slums. Their children die of mal nutrition; don't get a decent education, proper sanitation etc. Experts and economists planned and implemented many policies for their upliftment, many laws were enacted for their safety and security. But everything seems to be black and white only. Although, the many policies of the government revolves around the poorer sections of the society, but the reality hardly changes. Why? There must be some genuine reason to it. Then; starts, the blame game and the onus of responsibility falls on who is into the lowest in the hierarchy. This has been the religion of the system.

Many a times we see beggars outside Food Joints, Shopping Malls etc, "How many of us give them alms in justification of the economy?" We jerk our responsibility saying many like us will be giving them. And that will be good. We have many excuses for not helping or exploiting the poor and needy but not one noble reason for helping them. We behave in such a way as if these faceless people will hijack our destiny.

The same is the case with daily wagers. They do all the hardship to make our life easy and comfortable but "We" the so called visible faces take every chance to bargain or exploit either by our intelligence, or yelling at them, and at times even bullying them. Most of us take the chance citing many reasons and excuses justifying the deeds. Again, I fail to understand "Why?" The fact of the matter is that "We" the so called visible faces cannot survive for few days without the so called "faceless" our maid, drivers, security guard. Yet we don't recognise their contribution in our life. Rather treat them like anything but human. The only silver lining is that not all are same.

Did you ever notice how domestic help (maid) react when they get into a shopping mall with their House Owner? Their head swivels from side to side as if watching a tennis match. May be they can't even comprehend the price tag of the products in display. We never tried to read and realise their glaring eyes. But, the maid does realise they she don't belong to that world and the focus changes on her duty of carrying all the heavy bags that have been purchased. Possibly, we won't take her to the food court inside the Mall and will make her sit in the lobby with all the bags in hand. "ON DUTY." As usual "We" the visible faces of the society have some justification for that. And again I fail to understand what if I take my maid along with my other family members in the food court, make her comfortably sit in the same table and dine with us. Will my dignity be degraded?

Yes, I understand that the poorer section of the society has grave societal problems, issues, and it is reflected in their nature and characteristics. But it needs to be addressed and proper redressal is also inevitable. And above all that is issue of the government - the democratically elected system. Why put the sole blame on them? Will that be wise?

I strongly believe that everybody on earth has the right to live a legitimate decent life. I don't have the right to dishonour or humiliate a person. I make my way out to avoid such situation. Let our alms for the needy be justified in true sense of the term. Let us give them the little honour that they deserve. Let the elderly be addressed and treated respecting their age.

If "we" the so called visible faces of the society change ourself individually, the whole scenario will gradually but definitely change. And that's absolute necessary for the generations to come.

Lets Recognise
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