"Thinking! Who Think About It?"

It so happened that one evening I was relaxing and thinking about... nothing specific. So to say, that my mind was loitering around. Then suddenly I said to myself, "What am I thinking?" and honestly I has no idea, no specific answer at all. I laughed at myself and got busy with some activities. But back in my mind the question was still persistent.

The very next day, same thought came to my mind and I asked myself "Why did I think that?" "Don't I have any other engagement" and then said "I must have gone crazy." "Am I actually trying to think about thinking?" I decided to ask about it to someone else but then I thought it would be a bad idea. Even today the question still remains the same. "Do we actually have control over our own thoughts?" I mean its Monday today so I'll think about this, on Tuesday about that. A routine you know. But No! It doesn't happen that way. I know that. I know I'm asking a crazy question, but believe me all these questions came to my mind.

After someday, I happened to read an article where I found that it is our thoughts that make us think or think themselves. And I'm like huh? Really? "I didn't know that", for just a normal guy like me it's out of question to think all these. Isn't it?

My attitude was like, Thinking! "Who Think About It?" Because when you are thinking, you are actually either analysing or planning. I have so many things in the world to think about rather than thinking about thinking.

You and I both know that our mind is very powerful, powerful enough to alleviate us to success or diminish us to utter failure in all facets of life. Thinking is a process that we all do and most of the time I do it 'out of the blue' and try to perceive something. This is normal for normal likeminded people like you and me.

But yes, Science recognises it and the process is called "Metacognition", a process in which a person controls his/her thinking process. "Wow" sounds heavy.

For me it's like I see many things daily and read about or see many incidents happening. So something that touches me gets into my mind and my thought process starts. My basic nature makes me think the way I think. It either gives me joy or makes me sad. It also triggers many questions in my mind and shapes my life. And that's it. I never thought the other way round or never realised it, to be honest.

Simple and straight forward is that I don't have time or intelluet to think about thinking and what if I'm unable to come out of it. Crazy! I'm better as I am. I don't want to burst my grey matters. The little I have is worth millions. Nope! Not happening.

But one thing I can say for sure, don't think too much and whatever you think or comes to you mind, try not to personalise everything and if not possible, try to find simple wisdom for complex life. This will help to make life a bit easy because I feel and believe that everything is not within our reach. So keep moving ahead embracing life.

And after all,

Thinking! "Who Think About It?"
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