Untracked Time

The Zero ROI

"Does life improve on its own?" No! Absolutely Not! It depends on how you spend your time. By this I mean the productive life of yours (the bread earning job that we do and all other sensible things that we do). Often in life, at cross roads or near coffee joints, we see youths wasting time in leisure in the so called "Working Hours" of the day. Didn't you? It's frustrating to see such sight. No! I'm not against taking break from work. 'Fatigue Study' is also necessary. Among the lot, few may be taking a break from their work but most of them prefer to call themselves unemployed.

Sometime I pity them because they are not keeping the track of time. They are losing their prime productive time of life - the time, when they should be busy in their bread earning job or other productive works in life. The time that they are spending on unproductive work has zero return on investment. But they are happy with their self pasted tag 'Unemployed'. Their definition of employment is being employed by somebody else, 'Being Salaried'. They know not what they lose "The time - untracked".

The question is, "Why is this so?", "What made them think such?", "Don't they realise that they are losing the prime time of life?"

I think the onus of all these questions is on the society itself. You and I don't exist in vacuum. The society that we people have made, differentiate between works – small and big, we never or seldom tried to inculcate among our kids the value of time, money, the value of being sensible; fulfilled all their demands, upheld their tantrums, satisfied their whims and fancies. The result youths became choosy of job, don't honour jobs (any job), don't know what dignity of labour is all about, and above all totally unaware of wasted time.

I strongly feel that because the tummy is full, a person feels like he/she has ample of time to search for dream job. I have seen kids of affluent family wasting prime productive time of life doing nothing but searching for the right job as per the family stature. Life is unpredictable. "What if the parent dies abruptly?" Is something unanswered also, because he/she is highly qualified, is not interested or discouraged in being self employed. In justification, "Business not in blood" is the normal reply that can be heard. Strange! I must say. How come parents accept this?

What I feel is somewhere in our societal system or family to be more precise, we still hold "The Stature Ego". I'm of the opinion that no matter how rich family a youth might belong to, if I'm consuming something I have to be productive within my individual limitation to make a balance to the extent possible. Even I was unemployed at some stage in life, and honestly also hesitated to do any jobs but then my Mom made me realise that I'm not keeping the track of time. Encouraged me to do odd jobs and I did and eventually settled in life.

Let's be broad minded in job hunt. There's no shame in doing petty jobs. Let's stop feeling ashamed of our job! Let's not be ashamed of what we do. Let's teach our kids that keeping the track of time makes us more responsible get less distracted and make proactive in life.

Keep The track Of Time, Live Head Held High
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